Stan Lee Confirms An Upcoming Black Widow Movie

Since Iron Man 2, Black Widow has been making appearances on the silver screen but only as a bad ass, Chitauri-killing side character. She hasn’t had a headlining role… yet.

Stan “The Man” Lee has announced that we will finally be gifted with a Black Widow film. At this year’s Supanova convention from Brisbane, Lee was asked the question; “Would you like to see a Black Widow movie?” Stan’s assistant found it amusing this question had been asked Stan revealed it was in the works. While it could be said that he was making it up, we have to remember that Lee announced a Black Panther movie and look where we are now.  However details other than “it’s happening” are scarce… like a non-extant kind of scarce; there is no mention of release date nor is any mention of a director or writer. Although, a while back Taika Waititi (Dir. Thor: Ragnarok) mentioned that he would be love to make this.


With five appearances in the MCU under her belt this is long over-due and with the release of Wonder Woman earlier this year,  Star Wars’  Rey and the up-coming Captain Marvel movie, not to mention Ant-Man and The Wasp now is the perfect time for an announcement like this! The world is ready for more female led films from mainstream Hollywood.

To finish off; I am interested in how the story will play-out; will we see her past? Will we see another side of the MCU that is gritty and grounded? What do you think? Let your voice be heard on our Twitter!

Source: Brisbane Supanova 2017

Written by: Tyrone Devon



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