Supergirl 3×06 Review (Midvale)

Warning: Spoilers for Supergirl season 3.

Supergirl season 3 has gotten off to a solid start. The episodes have been solid, especially the Martian Manhunter episode. We’ve seen Kara go through a lot of change this year. In last week’s episode, Alex broke up with Maggie. Kara decided to take a few days off from work to help Alex with her breakup.


The episode opens up with Kara and Alex driving back home. They’ve gone to see Eliza Danvers. Eliza is more worried about Kara than Alex. Kara still believes that she isn’t human. Alex is mad that Kara wants her to talk after she didn’t when Mon-El died. 10 years ago, we see Kara and Alex prepare for school. They hated each other. Younger Alex and Kara are both going to school and continually one upping each other. They even mention Superman and Lex Luther. She talks to Kenny Li, one of her friends. Kara is going on a non date that is totally a date. She gets to see the stars. She sneaks back into her house. Alex is angry that her life has become hell since Kara arrived on earth. During the next day at school, Kara hears that a male body has been found at where she was last night. She leaps off and goes to see her dead friend. Kara is mourning her friend. She goes into the boys locker room and snaps his arm getting him to confirm that he smoked pot and Kenny knew that. Kara visits Kenny’s family to say her condolences. Kenny’s mom mentions how she can’t find his telescope and Kara decides to go looking for it. Alex runs into Kara at the crime scene. Kara uses her x-ray vision to find his laptop. Kara find out that Kenny knew about an inappropriate relationship between a student and a teacher. Alex confronts the student and she wants to keep everything a secret. The student goes to the teacher and tells him that Alex knows. Kara saves Alex from getting hit by a car. Eliza finds out and has Kara talk to her mom. It’s not her mother. It looked like her mother. Kara talks to the agent about how she hates being normal and not living with Alex. The agent is revealed to be J’ohnn. Alex meets the student and he was arrested before the car nearly killed Alex. Alex tells the sheriff about what they’ve been doing. Kara sees the files after they’ve been encrypted. It turns out that the sheriff was taking drugs. Sheriff Collins pulls a gun on Alex. He calls Kara and Alex tells her than she’s at the stadium. Kara decides to fly off and save Alex. Kara brake through to save Alex. Alex and Kara bond at school at both being hated. Kenny knew about Kara being super, as he had a picture of her. Kara says that she rather be human than losing Alex. Alex promises to be better at having a sister. Mrs. Li gives Alex and Kara the telescope. We flash forward to present day with Kara using the telescope. After Kenny, Alex and Kara became what they were in season 1 and 2. Their sisterhood started to develop at that moment. They argue about who should drives the car.


This episode felt kind of random as it didn’t really do much to advance the plot. With 23 episodes in a season, they can afford a filler episode like this. Whoever cast young Kara and Alex did a fantastic job. They look exactly like younger versions of Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh. This episode serves as a great reminder that Kara and Alex weren’t always the golden standard for sisterhood. Seeing them struggle with themselves was really interesting even if the high school was extremely cliche with the junkie quarterback and the teacher and student romantic affair.

Written by: Neil Sharma

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