The Flash 4×06 Review (When Harry Met Harry)

Warning: Spoilers for The Flash season 1-4!

The Flash season 4 has gotten back to the funny, happy tone of season 1. New characters have been introduced such as Ralph Dibny and the Thinker.


The episode opens up with Ralph and Barry being robbed. Ralph catches bullets and hits the robber several times. The Mechanic is talking to the Thinker about events will alert Team Flash of who DeVoe’s identity. He says that the only way it can end is with his victory. Harry wants more brain power to help find DeVoe. He wants to use his friends. They decide to hypnotize Ralph. Ralph sees some one crying on the bus, the weeper. He saw a woman with a bison shirt. We then see that same woman steal a statue and flip a man in the air. Well we don’t see her do it but we see the man fly up in the air. Barry finds the statue of the feline and under it’s teeth is blood. Wells’ friends include an author who talks weird, a billionaire inventor Wells and Wells 2.0 who is a robotic man. Another Harry dressed who looks like Gandalf appears but Harry dismisses them. Cisco nicknames them the council of Wells. The statue is filled with residue of dark matter. Cisco made a prototype suit for Ralph who is ready for his super suit. The Black Bison lady is talking with a man who has part of the necklace that the lady is looking for. She controls a knight stand which chokes the man while she grabs the necklace. Barry saves the man but Ralph blames him for letting the lady get away. The lady lost her job. She wants the third piece of the necklace. Ralph doesn’t like Barry’s strategy. The Wells can’t agree on a solution so Harry shuts them down. Barry and Ralph go to protect the third part of the necklace. She gets the third piece as Barry and Ralph arrive. Ralph doesn’t listen to Barry and a girl gets hurt. Harry hates the other Wells. Cisco tells Harry that no one will like you if you don’t like yourself. The Wells finally get work together. Ralph tells Barry that his life is becoming less simple and now he has to care about the whole city. The Black Bison unlocks her handcuffs and unleashes an experimental armor with the ability to spray some kind of knockout gas. Black Bison finally gets the necklace and uses it on a dinosaur. Barry tricks her by throwing a bowl from her culture up in the air causing her to hesitate. Ralph mailed the necklace back to the culture that Black Bison came from. Ralph goes to see the girl who got hurt and shows her balloon animals. Harry and his friends discover that Clifford DeVoe is the one that they’re looking for. Barry wants to get DeVoe so that he can be ahead of his enemy. The Mechanic opens the door in a dress. She says that they’re married. Clifford DeVoe arrives in a wheelchair with hair. He looks… normal.


This was an important episode for character development. Ralph Dibny got to experiment one of his first lessons as a hero. His character development was good. I look forward to seeing more of Dibny. He has brought a new kind of character to the show. He is so different from the rest of team Flash. Ralph is slowly getting more like team Flash, more responsible. We also got an important scene from the Thinker. He is very confident in his plan saying that it can only end one way, with his victory. He’s also very smart and tricky.

Special Scene:

There was a special Ralph Dibny scene during the commercials. He wanted to do something for a girl and Caitlin helped him by showing him a balloon animal. It must take place before he goes to see that girl.

Written by: Neil Sharma

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