Gotham S04E09: Let Them Eat Pie – Recap & Review

Bruce Wayne reaches a low point in his life after the death of Ra’s al Ghul. Here is a review of the season’s ninth episode titled Let Them Eat Pie.

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead!

gotham pyg

Plot Summary

In this episode, James “Jim” Gordon and the Gotham City Police Department continue their search for Professor Pyg, this time with Gordon appointed as Captain. Sofia Falcone organizes a dinner party at the orphanage with the wealthy citizens of Gotham. Oswald Cobblepot/ the Penguin still has his suspicions on the young Falcone woman and has his new young partner Martin keep tabs on her.

Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne’s life turns for the worse after having been forced to kill Ra’s al Ghul. Alfred Pennyworth tries to make things better for the billionaire orphan, but some complications and conflicts arise.


Through Harvey Bullock, this episode teaches us that “Gotham doesn’t need heroes; it needs people who will do what is necessary.” This comes off as a nice callback to Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight when Harvey Dent/ Two-Face says, “It’s not about what I want; it’s about what’s fair!” Taking down criminals and the corrupt is not an easy task, but it needs to be done one way or the other. Of course, this is also a callback to the end of the film when Commissioner Jim Gordon–played by Gary Oldman–says that Batman is “the hero [that] Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.”

Professor Pyg forces Oswald Cobblepot, Sofia Falcone, and other rich Gothamites to commit cannibalism. This is something we do not see much of in this show, and maybe this is for good purpose. Heading in this direction–and having viewers feel uncomfortable–might just be a wise decision because no television show has made their fans feel merely good with its elements and its atmosphere.

The elephant in the room needs to be addressed. Jim seems to not need any police backup during his investigations and cases, and in this episode, this leads a detective to be captured by Pyg. Yet, he claims that what he is doing is right and just when he says “I do deserve [being appointed Captain] just like Gotham deserves law and order, and I’m going to make sure it gets it.” With Oswald confronting Sofia about her true intentions, we might see Jim lose his current respective title sometime soon.

Overall, Let Them Eat Pie can be perceived as a rather good episode, especially when Gordon finally fights Professor Pyg. Integrating Martin into the show is a neat move as we see his role in Cobblepot’s side of the story. The same can be said for the gorgeous Crystal Reed and her character in the show. Bruce Wayne says some hurtful things to Alfred Pennyworth, and he needs to get his life together if he will ever make his way to being the hero that Gotham deserves. He is trying to burn bridges that cannot be rebuilt, and this is not something he can come back from. Sadly, no apparent Easter Eggs or references have been spotted in this episode of Gotham, but that is not a bad thing.


Will Bruce ever get his life back together after everything he has been through? Will we ever see Martin speak? What are your thoughts on the season so far now that we are almost halfway through? Let us know! For more Gotham-related news and reviews, follow Geek Motivation on Twitter (@GEEKMOTIVATION) and Instagram (@geekmotivation).

Written by: John Tangalin

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