Supergirl 3×07 Review (Wake Up)

Supergirl has had a very solid season so far. Kara Danvers has been a changed hero who has dealt with tragedy. This season’s big bad hasn’t been much of a threat but more of a friend to Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor.


The episode begins with people in a submarine discovering the underground spaceship from a previous episode. It fires at them. Samantha dips her hand in boiling water and nothing happens. She also tells her daughter to go to a friend’s house for dinner. J’ohnn’s dad is looking for the bathroom. Winn suggests that J’ohnn should take his dad out of the DEO. Kara arrives and shows Kara a video taken from the submariners at the beginning of the episode. The ship turns out to be 12,000 years old. J’ohnn uses his ability to phase Kara and Winn into the ship. Kara is attacked by a man with a gun. That man is Mon-El. They have him in the DEO in a bed. He mentions that the other people on the ship are passengers in hyper sleep. Samantha goes to her foster mom who kicked her out for getting pregnant. They argue a little. She asks if she did anything strange as a kid. She wants to know about her birth mother. She tells her foster mother about getting shot but not getting hurt. The foster mother tells her to follow her into the shed. There is a pod. The foster mother found her in the pod and took her home. She then activates the pod and takes a crystal out of it. Mon-El has been distant to Kara. Samantha is going some where and calling a babysitter for her daughter. She tells her that she’s gonna leave for a trip. Alex and Winn convince J’ohnn to be with his father. They spend time in the park as J’ohnn’s dad drinks coffee. J’ohnn’s dad says that J’ohnn is a prisoner of his work. Mon-El gets up from his bed and goes into the DEO’s armory. He knocks out two DEO agents before Supergirl knocks him out. Mon-El is locked up in a DEO cell. She asks him to prove that it is him but he acts cold toward her. She says “shame on me for having a human heart”. Samantha is following a path guided by the crystal. She ends up in the middle of nowhere. Winn talks to Mon-El, saying that he knows that something is going on. Mon-El says that it is just different. He says that there is a lot to explain. He asks Winn to let him back to that ship because people and Kara will get hurt. Winn let’s him out of the cell and Kara discovers the empty cell. Supergirl goes after Mon-El in the ship. Mon-El says that it’s been 7 years for him. He was living in the future, the 31st century. The ship starts to kills off the people in it. Kara saves the one person who they couldn’t reroute power too. Her name is Imra. Samantha continues to be in the middle of nowhere following the crystal. It starts to glow and the ground cracks. Spikes fly out of the ground forming something that looks like the desert equivalent to the fortress of solitude. J’ohnn shows his father an apartment to live in. J’ohnn says that work has always made him useful. J’ohnn has lost sight of the beauty. Mon-El says that he is sorry for all of this to Kara. He never thought that he’d see her again. They joke around about a memory of theirs. Mon-El says that he’s happy to see Kara and he’ll never forget her. He kisses Imra when she wakes up. Imra Ardeen is her name, and she’s married to Mon-El. Inside of Samantha’s fortress of sanctuary, she inserts the crystal into something and a message appears. It’s from a woman who says that she has answers. She reveals that Samantha was kryptonian. The woman says that she is a being designed for one purpose, to execute Justice, to be called worldkiller, to be non-merciful, and that Ruby is an error. Samantha freaks out as she is starts to become Reign. She gets up and says “I have awoken.”


First off, credit to Melissa Benoist for an amazing job acting on this episode. She kills the emotional aspect. From seeing her distraught in seeing Mon-El again, to her reaction to Mon-El being married to Imra. The episode’s title has several meanings. Kara has to wake up from her dream that Mon-El would come back to her, Mon-El literally wakes up, and J’ohnn has to wake up in his life. Samantha becoming Reign is interesting. She’s already had more development than both Non and Queen Rhea. She’s a loving, caring mother who’s life is about to take an unexpected evil turn.

Easter Eggs

When looking for the ship, Kara is about to use a move similar to the move Christopher Reeve’s Superman used in one of his movies. It was a super spin that dug a hole in the ground but Kara doesn’t do it. The design of Samantha’s building is similar to several incarnations of the Fortress of Solitude. It’s called the fortress of sanctuary. Irma Ardeen is Saturn Girl from the comics. Both Saturn Girl and Mon-El have been members of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Written by: Neil Sharma

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