The Gifted S01E08: threat of eXtinction – Recap & Review

The Mutant Underground takes in more refugees, one of whom reveals to pose a threat to everybody else. Here is our review on The Gifted‘s eighth episode of its first season titled threat of eXtinction, which is directed by Steven DePaul, who directed and produced episodes of NYPD Blue.

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead!

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Plot Summary

In this episode, Reed Strucker and John Proudstar/ Thunderbird set out to find Reed’s father, and what they discover along the way is beyond what they expected. Meanwhile, the Mutant Underground take in refugees from a nearby church.

Caitlin Strucker, her two children Lauren and Andy Strucker, Marcos Diaz/ Eclipse, and Lorna Dane/ Polaris soon come to find that one of the refugees harbors a secret, and it is up to them to retrieve that information.

Actress Skylar Samuels (Scream Queens) is introduced into the show as the mutant telepath, Esme.

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In threat of eXtinction, we learn that Roderick Campbell has had some tricks up his sleeves. Having developed a drug that can somehow stimulate mutants’ abilities, Campbell can control mutants and thus use them as his own. However, we find that there could be some sort of flaw in this.

Thunderbird teaches fans that “you don’t turn your back on desperate people [just] because one of them might be dangerous.” Mutants are perceived as the inferior race to the human species, but this should not have to be the case. In fact, mutants can be useful, and they should not be treated with scrutiny. Mutants and human beings can only co-exist in peace if they can unite upon a mutual agreement. As Caitlin Strucker tells the Mutant Underground, “Let’s try to remember we’re fighting for a world where people can actually live together. That starts here.”

In the previous episode Reed said that his father Otto Strucker worked at Trask Industries for 35 years, but in this episode, he says that he worked for 30. Although it is unclear how long Reed’s father has worked with Trask, one thing is clear: Otto must have been present around the events of X-Men: Days of Future Past. However, the X-Men cinematic timeline confuses fans, so it is best to not take this too seriously.

Revelations about Reed Strucker and his family history come to light, and it is also revealed that Trask had been more than just “a defense contractor.” What was uncovered in this episode could mean either danger or salvation for the Mutant Underground. Nonetheless, Dane, Diaz, Proudstar, and the rest of the refugees will need to use this to their advantage if they are ever going to win the fight against the Sentinel Services.

Overall, this episode of The Gifted proves to do well through its events and character development. Perhaps we will see Reed become something more than what he already is. His involvement–as well as his family’s involvement–in the Mutant Underground becomes more and more of a liability. Because of everything that transpired, this episode receives a 9/10.

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Easter Eggs, References, and Trivia Facts:

  • Fenris –
    • The beginning of this episode reveals a brother and sister duo who–when together–can pose a great threat to anyone who stands in their way. They are later revealed to be Fenris, who are known in the Marvel comic lore to be German twins sired by a certain Nazi supervillain of HYDRA. The father of this superpowered pair made a cameo appearance in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and then made another appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron, where he has a similar role in acting as a father figure to twins Pietro Maximoff/ Quicksilver and Wanda Maximoff/ Scarlet Witch. Could the father of Fenris make an appearance later in the show? Nevertheless, the Fenris gene has been passed down and this could mean anything from here on out.

the gifted fenris struckers

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Written by: John Tangalin

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