The Flash S04E07: Therefore I Am – Recap & Review

The fastest man versus the fastest mind alive meet face to face. Here is our review of The Flash’s seventh episode of its fourth season, titled Therefore I Am.

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead!


Plot Summary

Barry Allen and his team confront the man who orchestrated the new metahumans. What they learn along the way does not make things any better, and not even Barry is fast enough to stop this from happening. Meanwhile, an old face returns unexpectedly to aid the team.


In this episode, we learn more about the season’s villain, Clifford DeVoe, his wife Marlize DeVoe, and their backstory. Once a university professor perceived as dull, he meets his wife and tells her, “You can’t just inspire people to be better. You somehow need to change the way people think.”

As the story progresses, we eventually learn that DeVoe had been there since the start. He is the man behind the curtain pulling all the strings, and he even knows the identity of the Flash. The more we learn about him, the more intimidating he becomes. Thus, he will always be one step ahead of Team Flash. He says that “history moves in cycles; we must, therefore, learn from what came before us in order to carve a path for what’s to come because those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” The team will have to work harder and smarter as a unit if they are ever going to stop this man.

Like Eobard Thawne’s Harrison Wells, DeVoe is seen as a cunning adversary. Cisco adds to this by saying that Barry has had a “bad history with men in wheelchairs.” DeVoe’s intellect is also his greatest advantage. He proves this by telling Barry, “You could gather every genius on every planet, and you still couldn’t outthink me.” Indeed, he does everything in his power to stop Barry from uncovering the truth. He does this all too well, and almost psychologically destroys our titular hero.

This season’s villain poses a greater threat than the past villains (Reverse Flash, Zoom, Doctor Alchemy, and Savitar). With everything currently occurring in Barry’s life, he has “more to lose now than ever before.” However, his fiancé reassures him that “as time goes by, there’s going to be even more for us to lose, and people are always going to be coming after us. You can’t let that consume you; you just have to live in the moment and face it as it comes.” DeVoe can easily destroy Barry but spares his life due to the imminent marriage ceremony that will take place in mere days. At least this villain has a heart because as he asked in the episode, “what is knowledge without love?” He would surely know; he does not let his power and intelligence separate him from his wife. Together, they are an unstoppable force.


Overall, this episode of The Flash does a great job of telling a story while using barely any action between hero and villain or having Barry to don his costume. We also see Barry Allen actually putting his skills as a forensic scientist to use, something that perhaps seldom occurs in the show. Therefore I Am delves more into DeVoe’s background, which showcases great character development. DeVoe’s effect on Barry Allen’s life via deception and trickery molds the Flash as a character as well. Delivering some good lines and even better storytelling, this episode does magnificent, although it fails to pass the Bechdel Test. For its great work, this deserves a laudable 9.2/10.

Some great lines from the show worth noting:

  • “Who’s asking: Barry Allen or the Flash? Your little secret was one of the more underwhelming revelations I have uncovered. I was born on the same evening you were; January 7th, the night STAR Labs’ particle accelerator bathed Central City in gene-altering dark matter. We were both struck by lightning.”
  • “Twenty-six hundred individuals develop the meta-gene. They use it to rob jewelry stores and summon tornadoes. I use mine to save humanity, and I am condemned. Dying wasn’t part of our plan.”

Therefore I Am

Easter Eggs, References, and Trivia Facts:

  • The Arrowverse is calling out Marvel –
    • In a number of episodes set in the Arrowverse, shows like Arrow and The Flash have been making references to the Avengers. Fool us one time, shame on them. Fool us twice, shame on us. Fool us three times, and we are definitely going to have problems. In this episode of The Flash, Barry Allen tells his fiancé Iris West, “My Spidey-sense is just tingling right off the charts.”
  • Starro –
    • A character from past episodes returns after finding his place in life and fighting a “starfish from outer space” to gain perspective. This villain that the character speaks of is Starro. This entity made its introduction into the DC universe during the Silver Age of comic books and is the first villain to confront the original Justice League of America. Perhaps we will see more of this villain in a future Arrowverse episode, but who knows? Maybe it will be the focus of next season’s crossover.


  • Captain Cold reference –
    • DeVoe talks of “men shooting icicles.” This is clearly a reference to Captain Cold and his Cold Gun. In next week’s Arrowverse crossover (Crisis on Earth-X), Captain Cold will make an appearance, and this is said to be his final appearance in the Arrowverse.


Do you like this season’s villain? Did his origin story pique your interest? What are your thoughts? Are you ready for next week’s crossover? Let us know! For more The Flash-related news and reviews, follow Geek Motivation on Twitter (@GEEKMOTIVATION) and Instagram (@geekmotivation).

Written by: John Tangalin

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