Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review

This recent installment in EA’s Star Wars games has been all over different media outlets. While its coverage may not always be positive, we here at Geek Motivation are going to take an objective look at this new action shooter.

Gameplay and Design

Star Wars Battlefront 2 has some impressive graphics. All of the maps in the game have beautiful designs and textures. Some of the maps, like Naboo and Takodana, feel completely authentic to their respective films. The use of the films’ original score builds a lot of immersive experiences in the gameplay. The graphics held up well in my multiplayer matches. I only had one or two incidents where my frame rate slowed down. The gameplay has had some great updates since the first game. The new flight mechanics of the starfighters allow much more control and maneuverability as you fight enemies in the sky and space. The blasters have a lot more diversity in their damage, recoil, firing rate and range. The heroes in this game have more diversity too. They all have enough unique abilities and features to make them useful in any situation.


The story mode of this game has its ups and downs. Each mission does a good job at creating different and fun experiences. It mixes a lot of soldier, star-fighter and hero gameplay. The story on the other hand is pretty bland. The initial concept is decently fun for the first few missions, but after a while it just seems like there’s no pay off to the overall story of this game. The new characters become boring midway through the campaign and the original characters provide the only entertaining interactions. The writing could have been better. There were some shifts in the plot that came very suddenly and barely made sense.


This is where Star Wars Battlefront 2 really takes off. The multiplayer is extremely intense. The mix of vehicles, soldiers, and heroes make each match feel like a genuine battle from Star Wars. The new class system for soldiers brings out a lot of new gameplay experiences. During matches, soldiers can build up battle points through their gameplay and use those points to summon vehicles, reinforcements, or heroes. This feature is especially great because it gets rid of the first game’s system of finding random coins on the battlefield by chance to summon these things.

Loot Boxes

Now if you’ve been keeping up with gaming news, you’ve probably heard about the game’s controversial loot box system. Most people who cover this feature speak negatively about it and for good reason. The loot boxes dominate the progression of this game. While most games rely on gameplay and XP to upgrade your characters and abilities, Star Wars Battlefront 2 depends on loot boxes. The only way to boost up your multiplayer classes and heroes is by using in-game currency to buy loot boxes and hope that it will randomly drop an upgrade for a class or hero that you actually use. It’s going to take EA quite a while to figure out this problem.


Star Wars Battlefront 2 has amazing graphics, weapon designs and multiplayer gameplay. Having said that, if you really want to play the game, I would advise that you wait until the developers have worked out all of the kinks.


Stay tuned to Geek Motivation for more gaming news and reviews.


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