Arrow S06E08: Crisis On Earth-X, Part 2 – Recap & Review

A very old character makes an appearance in the crossover. Here is a review of Arrow‘s eighth episode of its sixth season titled Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!


Plot Summary

Continuing from Supergirl Season 3 Episode 8, the characters of the Arrowverse recover from the attack at Barry Allen and Iris West’s wedding. The characters proceed to confront the Earth-X villains.


This episode is too good, so much to the point that it is inexplicable to describe how well-done it was.

Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak discuss their marital discussion from the previous Crisis on Earth-X episode. After what happened two seasons ago that resulted in Felicity being confined to a wheelchair, the idea of marriage has become something that the two have different beliefs on.

Both halves of Firestorm continue their discussion on separating. The more that he thinks about, Jax does not want to part ways with Martin Stein. Ever since they met, Stein has become a father figure to Jax, something he has never had before.

Overall, this second part of the Crisis on Earth-X crossover was well-balanced in terms of character development, sub-story arcs, and action. We see the return of two deceased characters come to back to life, only for one to meet Death once again. From this crossover, we can learn that there are strengths in numbers.


Easter Eggs, References, and Trivia Facts:

  • Colin Donnell cameos as Tommy Merlyn/ Prometheus of Earth-X –
    • During the previous season of Arrow, fans speculated that this character would be revealed to be Prometheus. Instead, the identity of this villain was revealed to be that of Adrian Chase, who in the comics is actually the identity of Vigilante. (In this season of Arrow, Vigilante was revealed to be Dinah Prince’s former partner.)
    • During last season’s Arrowverse Invasion! crossover, people also thought he would return during the Arrow installment as part of the dream sequence/simulation.
    • Tommy Merlyn finally returns to the Arrowverse in a brief appearance as the Earth-X version of Prometheus, and his exit from the crossover is a tragic one. Perhaps we might see another version of Tommy in a future Arrowverse episode, perhaps even the Earth-1 version. His appearance confirms a fan theory on the character that was predicted last season. Better late than never, right?
  • It was mentioned that on one Earth, there are 52 Earths. (The other 51 Earths each have 52 Earths, and each of those Earths supposedly have 52 Earths, thus creating infinite Earths.) There is a 53rd Earth, and it is called Earth-X.
    • New 52 is the title of DC’s new run of comics.
  • Dayton Optical Systems –
    • During this episode, the Earth-X Nazis steal a prism from this building. The surname Dayton is a reference to a wealthy character in the comics named Steve Dayton, otherwise known as Mento, a superhero who creates a helmet that enhances his mental abilities. In the comics he affiliates with the likes of Doom Patrol. He and his wife Elasti-Girl adopt Garfield Logan/ Beast Boy. The Doom Patrol made an appearance in the 2003-2006 run of the Teen Titans.


  • What Would Batman Do?
    • During Barry, Oliver, and Kara’s confrontation with the Nazi villains, Oliver shoots an arrow containing Kryptonite at Overgirl. When Kara questions why he would even have this, Oliver says “in case an evil [Kara] showed up.” This is something Batman would do to his fellow Justice League members, including Superman.
  • Return of Eobard Thawne as Harrison Wells/ Reverse Flash –
    • The evil speedster from Earth-X did not originate from there but is instead Eobard Thawne disguised as Harrison Wells from Earth-1. He arrived at Earth-X at some point in the timeline. As he explains to Barry Allen in the episode, “With time travel, it’s so very confusing.”


  • Metallo –
    • One of Superman’s biggest adversaries makes an appearance in this episode.
  • Man in the High Castle –
    • Felicity Smoak refers to Oliver as ‘Oliver in the High Castle.’ This is a reference to the book-turned-show Man in the High Castle, which is about a dystopian Earth set in a reality in which America is split in two and is run by the Nazis and the Japanese.


What did you think of the first half of the crossover? Do you think Tommy Merlyn will ever return to the Arrowverse? Will Eobard Thawne ever be written off from the timeline for good? Let us know! For more Arrow-related news and reviews, follow Geek Motivation on Twitter (@GeekMotivation) and Instagram (@geekmotivation).

Written by: John Tangalin

Sources: IGN

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