Supergirl 3×08 Review (Crisis on Earth X, Part 1)

Spoilers for Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

It is finally here! Part 1 of the Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow crossover this season! This season’s crossover is all about a crisis on another earth.


The episode begins on Earth X, a dark corrupted Nazi version of our earth. Some rebels are attacked by their Green Arrow doppelgänger. He fights the Guardian and kills him easily. The evil Green Arrow finds something that will make their reign lady and eternity. On Earth 1, Barry is fighting King Shark. Oliver is dealing with ninjas when Felicity tries to talk to them about the wedding. He’s going to their wedding. In past England, the Legends are fighting some people and talk about the wedding. Supergirl fights a dominator. Kara talks to Alex about how Mon-El is back but married. Alex convinces Kara, unintentionally, to go to the wedding. The ladies talk about Felicity maybe being next. Barry asks Oliver if he needs help and Oliver says he’ll be fine. Barry asks Oliver if he’ll marry Felicity and says that he should. Cisco has something that could help Jax and Stein. Stein decides to run some tests but Jax seems to be having second thoughts. On earth X, soldiers line up around this disco floor. Overgirl, evil Supergirl, arrives and says that the man has one day to test the rebels’ technology. Caitlin and Stein share a scene and reminisce about their lives, how he’ll spend time with his son. Cisco shares a scene with Rory, and so does Caitlin. Sara and Alex meet and drink to making things go away. Barry speaks with Kara and asks what happen with Mon-El. Barry wants to ask her about a favor, singing. Jax and Stein talk about the cure, Stein had a new cure that will give Jax super powers like a spider. Joe gives his speech about love, and thanking Barry and Iris for teaching him how to love again. Sara and Alex are missing outside. Oliver asks Felicity to marry him and she says yes… no… yes… but no. She says that she doesn’t want to legally marry him. She yells out that she doesn’t at want to marry him. Barry makes Iris breakfast, and leaves her a note about the tradition that the bride doesn’t see the groom on the wedding day. Outside the church, Kara is really worried about her. Sara and Alex are extremely awkward around Kara. A lady comes up to Barry and starts acting awkward. Barry recognizes her but doesn’t know where from. The pastor gets shot by one of the Nazis. Evil Supergirl attacks. Kara and Oliver both say “I hate Nazis”. The heroes jump into action and fight the Nazis. Caitlin goes Killer Frost, Alex and Sara start kicking behind without weapons, Wally saves a girl by stopping multiple bullets. Kara fights Overgirl. Sara fights Prometheus with Alex helping. Cisco and Oliver use a nice duel team move and he attacks evil Green Arrow. Kara uses a super clap that nearly deafens everyone in the church. She defeats Overgirl but Green Arrow saves her. Mick exclaims “Best Wedding Ever”. Cisco has a concussion so he is knocked out for a little while. Jax and Sara lock Prometheus in a cell in Star Labs. Evil Green Arrow and Overgirl meet up with Dark Flash who is played by Tom Cavanagh.


This episode’s overlying theme is love. Kara and her love issues are apparent. Alex and Sara have a one night stand. Oliver wants to marry Felicity but she rejects. Iris and Barry are having their wedding. It is not a very eventful episode, it is more of an intro as to what to expect. Things get really juicy in the next episode.

Easter Eggs

  • Kara references last season’s crossover when she says that the dominators are so last year.
  • Caitlin and Stein talk about the last wedding they were at, her wedding with Ronnie and we even get a callback to Ronnie’s theme.
  • They NAME DROPPED Spider-Man, the cure that Stein makes for Jax will make him like Spider-Man, they even reference spidey sense, sticking to walls and more of his powers.
  • At the wedding Mick sits next to the CCPD captain. They’ve known each other.
  • Kara sings “Running Home to You” from last season’s musical crossover at the wedding.
  • Kara and Oliver join Mick in saying “I hate Nazis.”
  • Cisco calls Wells “Squidward” in front of Stein and Jax, which is a perfect description of Harry.
  • Mackenzie Gray who played Walter “The Eye” on Legion appears as a Nazi in a brief scene.

Written by: Neil Sharma

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