What Are Those 20 New Marvel Movies?

In a recent interview, Kevin Feige said that there are 20 planned movies after Avengers 4. For Marvel fans across the world, this is welcomed news. Not only are there 20 more movies, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe will continue for many more years! So, without wasting anymore time, let’s get down to business; what are these 20 movies?

Knowing the deal that has been struck between Sony and Marvel/Disney, fans are almost practically guaranteed two more Spider-Man films staring Tom Holland as Peter Parker. There is also a chance that Miles Morales, a.k.a. Spider-Man (following Parker’s run), will be introduced and included in the MCU. The Marvel way seems to be allowing characters, with the exception of Hulk, to have trilogies to tell the characters’ story arcs. With Miles Morales becoming the new Spider-Man, there could then be 3 Spider-Man new movies!

The only other confirmed movie would be Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. James Gunn has already begun writing the script, and claims the movie will be released “in a little under 3 years.

With the knowledge of these six movies, a “safe guess” list could be compiled following the Marvel way and giving trilogies to characters. That list would look something like this:

Spider-Man Homecoming 2, Spider-Man Homecoming 3, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Miles Morales, Miles Morales 2, Miles Morales 3, Black Widow, Black Widow 2, Black Widow 3, Black Panther 2, Black Panther 3, Captain Marvel 2, Captain Marvel 3, Ant-Man 3, Doctor Strange 3, Inhuamns, Avengers 5, Avengers 6.

Kind of a boring list, right? Don’t get me wrong, the Black Widow movies teased by Stan Lee would be amazing, but the continued “trilogy only” formula might become old. And having Miles Morales be the focus of another trilogy would be great, but having another Spider-Man trilogy just after finishing a Peter Parker run would feel slightly repetitive. So, what movies could be swapped out for other, one-shot movies? To start, at least one Black Widow movie is a must. Fans have been calling for it for years. And Vol. 2 left fans wanting more, as did Spider-Man Homecoming. Right there are three movies, plus a third Spider-Man movie for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. Now we’re at four.

Does Kevin Feige know something about the Disney/Fox buyout that fans don’t? that surely is something Disney would have to tell the head of Marvel Studios so preparations can begin for the transition of new properties. Going with that, it’s safe to assume Fantastic Four and other X-Men movies are in the works. Will the buyout mean recasts and a new continuity though? Assuming Marvel is planning on obtaining the rights of the X-Men and Fantasitc Four is completely plausible, as the company wrote Spider-Man into Captain America: Civil War well before talks began to actually include him.

A new Fantastic Four movie would be stellar, and bringing the X-Men into the MCU would be a move that satisfies Marvel fans for years to come. So, one new Fantastic Four movie and one X-Men team-up movie brings the total to six. Remembering that Captain Marvel will introduce the Skrulls into the MCU, a logical choice would be to follow the Secret Invasion comic storyline, where numerous Avengers were kidnapped and replaced by Skrull spies to defeat the Avengers and take over Earth. If Avengers 4 goes with that storyline though, a New Avengers movie would be the next best bet. Both Avengers Infinity War and Avengers 4 are said to drastically change the layout of the MCU, and either one of those stories would work perfectly to do just that. Seven.

A Vision and Scarlet Witch movie would also be appealing. One thing that Marvel movies aren’t are love movies, and this would be a good way to explore the love life of these two Avengers. It was seen in Civil War that both consider themselves outcasts. Following the two as they fall in love and battle the notions that society forces on them would be a great way to handle these two beloved characters. That brings the count to eight.

It sounds like, after Avengers 4, many of the heavy hitters (Iron Man, Captain America, etc.) will be done with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. This leaves openings for a new Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man. In the comics, Jane Foster has taken over as Thor, while Riri Willaims takes over as the new Iron Man. Captain America has had multiple iterations throughout his comic run, with the most notable as either Winter Soldier or Falcon. Most likely Sam Wilson will take up the Captain America mantle, leaving Bucky to explore being a hero as the Winter Soldier. Each one of these characters can have movies of their own, now bringing our movie count up to twelve, (including a Winter Solider flick).

Avengers 6 is more than likely a definite. It may be used to wrap up the MCU, or to launch it into the next phase. Either way, Marvel’s obtaining of the X-Men and Fantastic Four would open the door to a showdown that fans have begged for since before 2012’s The Avengers. Now we have thirteen movies slated.

Something that Marvel hasn’t done in any of their movies to date is create a film which follows the big bad (i.e. Thanos). Doing so for the next overall bad guy would allow fans to better understand why the villain wants to destroy Earth. What did humans, a very primative species in the Marvel Universe, ever do to anger the Mad Titan? Showing early on in the phases in a prequel-type film would make fans more excited to watch the Avengers and the main villain face off. Fourteen.

After Peter Parker hangs up his webshooters, Miles Morales would be in the perfect position to protect New York from villains like Rhino, Green Goblin, Venom, or other great Spidey villains. He has already been teased in Spider-Man Homecoming, as the Prowler, a.k.a. Aaron Davis, spoke of his nephew, referring to Miles. Five movies left.

New characters such as She-Hulk would also be a welcomed addition to the MCU. Although Marvel cannot come to agreements with Universal about a standalone Hulk movie, She-Hulk can take on the role of the Hulk in the standalone that fans want. Not only would she be a great addition to make up for the lack of a Hulk standalone, adding yet another strong, smart female to the roster would offer more diversity, and help certain people better relate to the character. Sixteen.

A villain team-up film would also be interesting. Although this was attempted by Warner Brothers in Suicide Squad to a reception much poorer than the studio hoped for, Marvel has enough villains and storylines to pull from to better focus the film on a story-driven plot. The Sinister Six would be a great area to with. Fans wanted that film from Sony after its teasing in Amazing Spider-Man 2. Seventeen.

Since Marvel has hypothetically acquired the X-Men, an X-Force movie could satisfy fans for the lack of other X-Men movies connected to the MCU. Daken or X-23 could take over for Wolverine, Deadpool could be included to add humor, and Professor X could make an appearance to condemn the group, yet at the same time, telling them their role is necessary. Adding an extra level to Professor X, the X-Force could focus on bringing down Mr. Sinister or Apocalypse in a much more covert and deadly way than the X-Men fighting in the light above the ground. Eighteen.

Next, an Inhumans movie could be created. Although the show premiered to poor reception from fans and critics alike, the movie could reinvent the Royal Family and right the wrongs the show made. Fans were ecstatic to find out that the Inhumans would make it to the big screen, and still excited when a show was instead announced. Unfortunately, Scott Buck let fans down, as he did with Iron Fist, but scrapping that entire storyline from the MCU and allowing it to be re-imagined for the big screen would satisfy fans. Nineteen.

Honestly though, after 20 more movies, the MCU will be roughly 15 years old. For a movie franchise, 15 straight years of new material would wear on the public’s desire to watch. Star Wars got it right when they stopped the movies for a while after Episode 6 and Episode 3.  Maybe it would be possible for Marvel to take a break for a few years before returning to continue building the MCU. The perfect ending which can be later changed would come from the Merc with a Mouth. Deadpool has already killed the Marvel Universe in the comics before. He has also witnessed the end of the Marvel Comics Universe as well, prior to Marvel’s reboot a few years ago. Allowing Deadpool to be the end of the MCU wold be hysterical, as well as emotional for fans.

The way it can be recanted later on if Marvel decides to return to movie making would be by saying that Wade simply lost his mind and thought he was killing the heroes and villains of the MCU when in reality he was only repeatedly stabbing a mannequin dressed as Wolverine with Hugh Jackman’s face stapled onto it.

If Marvel does want to continue though, yet another Avengers film facing off against Galactus would be a great way to watch the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Avengers work alongside together on screen. The World Eater could bring new species and heroes from across the galaxy to help protect Earth.  These heroes could include Beta Ray Bill, Jack Flag, and Moondragon, who could then start integrating together as a new Guardians of the Galaxy.


What do you think of these movies? Would you be interested in seeing them, or do you think they would be horrible ideas? Let us know in the comments below! And, as always, follow Geek Motivation on Twitter and Instagram!

Written By: Zach Smith



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