What Suicide Squad Could Have Been

Suicide Squad was released in 2016 and met mixed reviews, but for the most part fans were ultimately disappointed. So what could Suicide Squad have done differently and what could it have been to the DCEU?

For starters, the use of the Joker could have been more prominent. As stated by David Ayers on Twitter,

“I’d make Joker the main villain and engineer a more grounded story. I have to take the good and bad and learn from it.

So, what would have changed if Suicide Squad’s main villain was the Joker?

The plot would have been tremendously different. For example, the team is assembled due to Enchantress’ attack on the city. If the Joker was the main villain, it could still be that he is attacking the city, but maybe because he has captured Batman or he has released laughing gas all across the city. If it were either of those ideas the team would have had to go in to stop him. Also, if the Joker was the main villain, Harley Quinn’s character could be more conflicted about being on the team. So much more could have been done if the Joker was given the main villain role.

Another thing that could have happened in the movie was to go more in depth into each of the characters’ backstories. For the most part, we got to see Deadshot’s and Harley Quinn’s backstory with little bits and pieces of the others, but mainly the two leads. That was nice, but if we went more into detail of the other characters than there would be more potential spin offs, greatly increasing the size of the DCEU.

Speaking of effecting the DCEU as a whole, Suicide Squad has done little to nothing to the entire DCEU. It is sad knowing the only thing it did was introduce the Joker into the universe, but other than that not much was done. What could have happened was each character could get out of jail somehow and go back to terrorizing their respected heroes. If the Joker was the main villain then we could see how insane the Joker is and how dangerous he could be in the DCEU.

For example in Batman v Superman we see Robin’s suit with the phrase “Jokes on you Batman” witch is obviously Joker’s line. We could have seen that scene which would have introduced Robin in the DCEU and it would have given the Joker a bigger role in the universe as well.

At the end of the day, we can’t change what happened in Suicide Squad, but we can hope that it’ll be a lot different in the sequel.

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One thought on “What Suicide Squad Could Have Been

  1. I find it interesting how contrite Ayer has become about Suicide Squad when last year he was tearfully defending it. I agree with you that the whole thing feels rushed. Maybe Marvel can get away with this because there’s more time and more movies between their “crossovers,” but with every movie in the DCEU connected, the seams (like Robin) start to show more easily.
    I tried my hand at fixing it as well: https://mondaymorningmoviequarterback.wordpress.com/2017/12/04/how-embracing-its-characters-improved-suicide-squad/


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