Legends of Tomorrow 3×08 Review (Crisis on Earth X, Part 4)

Spoilers for Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow!

The finale of the four part crossover is here. Make sure you’ve seen the previous reviews for Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.


The episode begins with Stein laying on the ground from being shot at the end of Part 3. Barry and The Ray continue to fight Red Tornado and prevent the base from destroying the only chance that our heroes have to get home. Stein gets shown again but pulls the lever sending the Nazis through the portal, probably defeating them. Barry throws a lightning bolt and the Ray uses it to defeat Red Tornado. Stein and Jax merge so that he can get to the Waverider. Kara awakens as Eobard is about to cut open her for her heart. It turns out that Ray Palmer is stopping the knife from killing Kara. He punches Eobard, and Evil Green Arrow. Ray uses his ability to em bigger his suit. Nate opens the cells while Amaya and Zari defeat Nazis. The Legends are fighting Metallo while Felicity protects Kara from Evil Green Arrow. Evil Oliver is told to lower his weapon or Oliver will kill evil Supergirl. Firestorm, The Ray, Black Canary, Killer Frost, Zari and Amaya defeat Metallo and Eobard zooms his two teammates out of the room. Jax gets to the Waverider and puts Stein in healing. Jax starts to cough blood but his connection is keeping Stein alive. Mick and Snart talk and Snart talks about Earth X Mick dying in a fire trying to save all the cops. If Overgirl doesn’t get a new heart she’ll create a supernova. Stein asks Jax to separate but Jax doesn’t want to kill Stein. Jax doesn’t want to let Stein die. Jax hands Stein the vial and he drinks it, separating the firestorm matrix. Stein dies. Sara arrives and sees Stein dead. She gives him a kiss on the head. Iris breaks the news to Barry. The team is shattered by Martin’s loss. Jax goes to Stein’s house and tells Clarissa about Stein’s death. Oliver gives an amazing speech before Evil Oliver tries to make a truce. Oliver says no, as Evil Arrow wants Supergirl to come with them. It’s a full out battle. Barry goes up against Eobard, Oliver versus his evil doppelgänger. Killer Frost, Zari and Vixen go on the evil ship. Supergirl fights Overgirl in the air. Cisco gets the three ladies out of the ship. Barry holds Eobard up against a wall but he tells Eobard to get out of there. Overgirl is about to go supernova. Kara flies her up up and away into outer space where she implodes. Evil Oliver is killed by Oliver… the real green arrow. Kara falls from the sky only to be caught by Nate… the man of steel. Barry says goodbye to Snart and The Ray. Snart wants to stick around Earth 1 for a while. At the funeral for Stein, Jax tears up. Sara says thank you for believing in me. Caitlin says tell Ronnie that she misses him. Barry thanks him for bringing him home to Iris. Sara and Alex hug, and say goodbye. Alex and Kara go back to their earth. Barry and Iris decide to get married quickly. Barry gets Diggle, and he vomits, but he ordains them. Felicity asks Oliver to marry her then. He agrees and they get married as well.


Boy was it awesome to see the heroes fight back against the bad guys after being beaten in part 2 and part 3. I lost count of how many heroes were in each scene. Seeing all the characters interact was the best part. Ray and Eobard meeting up briefly was awesome. Seeing Alex meet up with Kara again was awesome. Seeing Snart and Mick again. Jax and Stein made everyone cry this episode. Their scenes are pure tearjerking. The variation of his theme while he dies is fantastically done. The theme of love will definitely unsettle fans but was done very well throughout the crossover.

Easter Eggs

  • Ray references his time that he fought the Leviathan in an episode of Legends of Tomorrow.
  • Ray references the defeat of Eobard on Legends of Tomorrow season 2 when he says that he thought that Eobard was dead.
  • Gideon on the Nazi Waverider is voiced by Susanna Thompson aka Moira Queen.
  • Kara enticing Overgirl to fight is done just like Superman with Zod from Superman 2.
  • Diggle vomits when Barry speeds him to the park. He has vomited several times when Barry speeds him off to some place.
  • Felicity references back to season 4 when Cupid tried to kill them at their fake wedding.
  • Black Canary calls Metallo Terminator which amuses Cisco.
  • Cisco says that flying he waverider is like playing Star Raiders on he Atari.
  • Supergirl flying Overgirl into space and falling back down to earth only to be caught by a fellow hero is similar to Tony Stark flying the missile into space and falling down to earth before Hulk catches him in The Avengers.
  • Honorable Mention: “Since we don’t have any rings just yet.” -John Diggle: Can someone just introduce Green Lantern into the Arrowverse already?

Written by: Neil Sharma

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