Why We Are Excited For Infinity War!

The long awaited Infinity War trailer dropped today! Here is why Geek Motivation is excited for Infinity War:

Raymond Vinuya I’m hyped for Infinity War because it looks like the perfect balance between the dark epic film we want and the lovable, hopeful, inspiring characters we’ve come to know!

John Tangalin – First, Vision’s gem being taken out. Second, Thanos with the gems and the Infinity Gauntlet! Third, Loki holding the Tesseract! Also,Just having this many characters (67 to be exact) in one film is going to be a great yet challenging feat.

Tyler Siedell – I’m excited simply because I’ve grown up watching these films, and I’m ready to see what it’s all been building towards

Raymond Benitez-Toler – I’m excited to see Black Panther’s army attack and to see how Steve and Tony reunite.

Devin Roberts – Being able to see the MCU finally team up all together after 20+ films is a reason why I am excited for Infinity War. As well Russo brothers have provided us with 2 of the best marvel films with Winter Soldier and Civil War, so infinity war is in good hands and they will bring audiences an amazing movie experience

Christian Quiles – It was summer of 2008, I just finished 6th grade and my dad took me to see a film called Iron Man on the first weekend of the film. My life has never been the same since then, and now, after 10 years of Marvel movies, Infinity War is the ultimate payoff from what started in my teenage years.

Miguel Coelho – Well I guess, just the fact that we’re seeing all these heroes: Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Dr. Strange, Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, all of them together in the same film. It’s a childhood dream come true. I really loved reading comics like Secret Wars, Secret Invasion and Siege, where all of the heroes would come together and fight together, interact with one another and combine their strength. Thanos is perfect. He looks powerful and menacing and doesn’t look like he’s too worried about the Avengers. And finally, I loved the beginning where each member of the avengers would quote a part Nick Fury “There was an idea…” speech from the The Avengers. It’s a great homage and it really shows just how much we’ve been through your get to this point. Overall, I’m excited beyond any measurable number of words. Avengers Assemble!

Written by: Akhil Modali


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