Legends Of Tomorrow 3×09 Review (Beebo The God Of War)


Legends of Tomorrow season 3 has been very well done. With a nice little setup of bad guys appearing to the development of a new hero in Zari. Sara has been amazing as a leader. Ray and Nate have been Bros, Mick has been cool but most importantly, Jax and Stein were trying to split up. In last week’s crossover, Martin Stein died.


The episode opens up on December 24, 1992 with young Martin Stein trying to buy a Beebo for his daughter. A crowd riot breaks out to ding for it. He uses an arrow to get the Beebo toy. He then gets sent back in time to barbarians. We see Earth X Snart trying to hold therapy sessions with members of the team with a puppet of Stein. Mick beats up the puppet. Jax is depressed and feels guilty for not being strong enough. It turns out that the Vikings stayed in North America and they didn’t leave therefore they took over North America. It takes place in 1000 AD. The team spies on Martin. Jax blows their cover and rescues Martin. He says that he could’ve died and the team gives him a look. Leif Erickson and his sister are worshipping a cuddle me Beebo toy. His team runs into him and almost reveal what happened to him. Agent Sharpe calls Sara to express her condolences. Beebo Day is now December 25th. Sara says that they could use her help. They sneak into the camp with booze. Snart is trying his best to keep Mick from drinking booze. He sees Beebo and tries to grab him. Mick gets captured and almost burned but Snart puts out the fire. Nate and Amaya grab Beebo and a fight breaks loose. Jax is taking Stein on a jump ship and is advised to save him by Zari. During the fight, Beebo is torched by Rory and laughs before death. The Vikings realize that Beebo is a false god. Leif and his sister argue about what to do since she has been manipulating from the beginning. Damien Dahrk shows up as Odin of Asgard. Several time quakes have affected the ship. In Central City 1922, Jax let’s Stein off the ship. He gives him a letter to open in a few years. Stein refuses to take it, even thought it is a loophole. Snart said that he went onboard to process his loss of his earth’s Mick. Snart and Mick argue about their dopplegangers. The Time Bureau has been in shambles. Agent Sharpe says that this isn’t a fight the Legends can win. Sara is planning to face Dahrk alone and she wants the team to leave. She is ready to make Dahrk and offer. The team hates her plan. We see different parts of her plan. The legends keep planning and we see how their plan works out in different forms. They use Ray in Beebo to distract the Vikings. Snart and Mick team up against Dahrk’s daughter. Dahrk takes Nora and teleports to some freaky place. She is in Mollus. Mollus promises unendurable pain and Agent Sharpe saves Sara. Sara said an absence of feeling, a void, and he only thing filling the void was Mollus. History has been fixed. Stein still dies in 2017 despite the loophole. Jax brings Lily a Beebo toy and Martin talks with him. Martin burned the letter. Martin will be 67 years old then. Martin tells Jax to let him go. Martin says hat he wants Jax to live his life and have happiness. Jax says goodbye to Stein with a final handshake. Jax says that he cannot move on. Jax feels that he needs to leave the ship. Sara let’s him leave the ship. Jax packs his stuff including a picture of him and Stein. The team throws him a party to Jingle Bell Rock. Jax gives a speech about how the journey with the team has been. How they’ve gone from the bottom and how they’ve been like broken pieces put together. Jax leaves and shares a moment with Sara. When Sara goes back on the ship, she sees John Constantine. Constantine saves her soul. He wants help with a demon.


This episode was a solid episode. It didn’t feel like a mid-season finale however. They didn’t really tease the villains. The Constantine reveal was awesome but felt like a reveal for the end of a normal episode. The tease of Mollus was cool but could’ve been more. Sara and Agent Sharpe have nice chemistry. I’m not saying they should be a romantic thing but I’d love to see their friendship grow. It’s funny how they’ve gone from enemies to friends. Jax and Stein’s scenes in this episode had tension. Jax was awesome in this episode. He felt true to who he was. Seeing young Martin was really cool, especially in how he behaved knowing that he would die.

Easter Eggs

  • When Stein uses and arrow to send a plane crashing into something that sent the Beebo flying toward him, they played the Arrow theme.
  • Stein says “Great Scott” which he has said before. Great Scott is also a Back to the Future reference.
  • One of the Vikings mentions Odin who is part of Norse mythology.
  • Zari and Jax are playing an old fighting video game. That old fighting game happens to be Mortal Kombat which has crossed over with DC several times.
  • Jax happens to be playing a character named Jax in the Mortal Kombat game.
  • When Ray is talking in Beebo, he mentions that Jesus existing doesn’t mean that evolution is wrong and that global warming exists. Science tends to clash with religion even thought they go along fine.

Written by Neil Sharma

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