Arrow 6×09 Review (Irreconcilable Differences)

Warning! Spoilers for Arrow season 1-6 and the crossover.

Arrow season 6 has disappointed many fans. Oliver has tried to have a relationship with his son William, even quitting being the Green Arrow. John Diggle has been Green Arrow in his place despite nerve damage. Team Arrow is reeling from being under pressure on the field and from the police who are hunting them.


Oliver is having a celebration of his and Felicity’s wedding. Donna Smoak and the Calculator are there. Curtis reminisces on his divorced marriage. Dinah has been acting weird lately. She has had a bunch of bad engagements. Lance gives Oliver a watch that he got on his wedding day. Rene remembers his wife on their wedding day. Thea and Rene dance. Lance and Donna dance. Lance reveals to Oliver that someone on the team is willing to testify against him that he is Green Arrow. Oliver starts to lose his trust for the team. Diggle thinks that he should ask them to come clean but Oliver wants to keep tabs on them. Rene and Curtis are in Rene’s house. Curtis is drunk, and talks about how sad he feels. He mentions how he feels life may have be better without Green Arrow. Dinah talks to her old lover Vince aka Vigilante. Vince says that he cares about Dinah and she says that he should leave town. Quentin and Thea walk to her home. They meet Black Siren there. Black Siren easily defeats them, and puts a phone in Thea’s hand. Oliver wants to protect himself after what happened with Evelyn. Black Siren took Lance. Cayden James calls on the phone asking for something or Lance dies. Oliver thinks that Dinah is the non loyal one. Diggle gets into A.R.G.U.S and they are getting in position without Rene. Oliver has 60 seconds to get the device. He grabs it and they get outta there in the nick of time. The thing they stole will make James’ device blast better. Oliver knows about Dinah meeting with Vince. Dinah is shocked at the lack of trust the team has. Rene is the witness who is testifying against Oliver. Rene says that Oliver was going down. Oliver tells him to leave the team. Black Siren talks with Quentin about her backstory. On earth 2, Quentin was killed when Laurel was 13. It was the same cake. Lance seems to get through to her for a moment. Curtis and Dinah talk with Rene about how they feel about Oliver spying on them. Curtis takes Rene’s burger and eats it. Thea talks to Oliver who feels guilty for feeling betrayed as he feels that Rene just put his daughter ahead of the team like he did with William. Thea inspires Oliver to forgive Rene. The team is ready to go into battle. James wants Green Arrow to lay down his bow. Rene doesn’t wait for Oliver to trust him and goes off on his own tangent. James knows that the device is sabotaged an gives the kill order on Lance. Wild Dog and Mr. Terrific have Black Siren in their sights. Black Siren tells Quentin to run, and cuts the rope holding him back. Rene is mad that Oliver isn’t trusting of him. Oliver trusted Rene and he isn’t giving Rene a third chance. Rene is off the team. Dinah says that she doesn’t believe in Oliver any more. She leaves. Curtis doesn’t say anything. Dinah talks to Vince. Rene gets his daughter back and won’t let anyone split them up ever again. Curtis says that their invading of his privacy means that he cannot trust them. Curtis quits team Arrow. Team Arrow is now just Oliver, Diggle and Felicity. Cayden James planned a mini camera in the bunker. Anatolia and Vince are working with Cayden James.


This episode was a very solid episode. The writing was ok but not great. The betrayal part of the episode was well done. Curtis and Dinah had big hints to it being them and Rene was the least suspicious. Seeing them leave team Arrow made sense but was a little choppy. Thea stole the show in this episode. Her wisdom is so great. Seeing the villains team up in the end was awesome as well. This was a solid mid-season finale.

Easter Eggs

  • Thea references her bad luck with DJs, which is about how in season 3, Ra’s Al Ghul hired a DJ to seduce her.
  • Felicity references betrayal from Evelyn last season.

Written by Neil Sharma

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