Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi Review

The conclusion to the epic saga came to screens in 1983 to the anticipation of Star Wars fans everywhere. An end to this story that captured the hearts and minds of people from all ages with its mature Sci-Fi story telling and impressive visual effects.

We begin the film with Vader  informing the imperial fleet that the Emperor will be seeing over the construction of the new Death Star and that he expects it to be completed as planned. Jumping over to our heroes, we find that Luke has initiated a plan to rescue Han from the gangster Jabba the Hutt with the help of C-3PO, R2, Lando, Chewbacca and Princess Leia. Before Leia arrives dressed as a bounty hunter with Chewbacca as her prisoner, we are treated to some terrible CGI character singing in Jabba’s palace that does the film no favours, I mean look at this.

cgi monster

Nightmares. Moving on, Han is freed by Leia but is ultimately caught in a trap by Jabba and his crew, Luke enters with his Jedi powers more advanced and assured than we’ve seen them before. Luke bargains for his friends but finds his mind tricks are no use on Jabba and falls through a trap door to encounter the viscous Rancor. Outsmarting the creature, Luke leads him under the large mechanical door and drops it on the beast killing it, much to the displeasure of Jabba… and this guy.

rancor guy

Han Solo starts to regain consciousness and is then able to deliver his quippy lines which is just a joy throughout this entire film. Princess Leia and the gold bikini was a low point for her, the sexualisation of her character set her back from all the work done in previous films and was deemed unnecessary. We then find our heroes coming up against the Sarlacc. Luke sees this as the perfect opportunity to start his escape and starts going through Jabba’s gangsters with his newly designed Lightsaber whilst Leia then strangles Jabba with her chains, we also see the end of Bobba Fett who was probably the most disappointing character throughout the trilogy. Our heroes are able to escape Jabba’s carrier and blow it up as they head to freedom.

Our heroes head in different paths with Luke heading to the Dagobah system to find answers about his destiny and his newly found father Darth Vader from a dying Yoda, finding out of another Skywalker. Obi-Wan appears to inform Luke of the truth about his father and how he became a different person when he was consumed by the Dark Side and that him and his twin sister Leia were not safe.

Han, Leia, Chewbacca and Lando head back to the Rebel base to discuss their next move against the Empire. The team learn of a new Death Star with the Emperor aboard and protected by an energy shield powered on Endor, this would be the best time to attack knocking out the shields and then destroying the Death Star once and for all.

Han and Co. land on Endor where they meet the Ewoks. Ewoks are controversial in the Star Wars Universe, similar to that of teddy bears, they join the team to help fight the Empire on their planet. Luke reveals to Leia that they are brother and sister and he must go and face Darth Vader who in the meantime arrives on Endor to take Luke to the Emperor, Luke surrenders and believes there is still good within him.

The third act of the film starts with Lando and the Rebel fleet jumping to the Death Star along with Han on the ground looking to take out the shields, Luke meets the Emperor for the first time and is informed that his friends are heading into a trap.


(What a guy)

Luke, filled with rage, attacks the Emperor, igniting the multiple wars fought in the final act. The wars are intense and constant switching from space to Endor to Luke facing his father, making for some incredible viewing. The tide’s continuously turn throughout each battle with the Ewoks overpowering the highly trained well organised Storm Troopers who could not cope with the Ewoks advanced weapons, including sticks and rocks (I really do love this movie, but you have to admit… a bit farfetched). The base on Endor is destroyed and Lando, with the help of the Rebels, attacks the main reactor core. Luke continues to battle Vader who eventually falls to the aggressive Lightsaber style of the Jedi Knight who in the end makes the choice that if he kills his father he will join the Dark Side. Luke spares his father and confronts the Emperor who then attacks Luke with his Force lightning, nearly killing him. Vader also makes the choice to save his son and kill the Emperor by throwing him down the reactor chute short circuiting his suit in the process and endangering his life, not before Luke can remove his mask to look upon his fathers face for the first and last time, saving him from the Dark Side in the end.

Lando with the Millenium Falcon destroys the reactor, blowing up the Death Star and can then absquatulate with the rest of the Rebel forces, to rejoice on Endor. Luke makes off with his father’s body before the ship explodes and gives his father a proper Jedi burial burning his body. Leia reveals to Han that Luke is her brother and kiss with the Galaxy celebrating the Empire being destroyed, Luke joins his friends and acknowledges the spirits of Yoda, Obi-Wan and his father Anakin bringing to end one of the best trilogies of all time.

(Only 90’s kids remember)

Probably the weakest of the original trilogy but had to follow the phenomenal Empire Strikes Back along with the wonder that A New Hope brought, a fitting way to end the film trilogy.

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