Changes To Come To DCEU And Warner Bros After Justice League

Due to the shaky response of Justice League by both critics and the box office, it seems that Warner Brothers is making some changes to the studio and its movies. 

All the movies that are announced are still being made. It is just that some of the people involved in the process of producing these movies. So what are these changes? To start, John Berg who was the head of the comic book division of Warners Bros is being moved to the section involved with The Lego Movie (Note that Breg asked for this change awhile ago). Geoff Johns will keep his position as DC chief creative officer. 

Now onto the directors of their upcoming films. Everyone who is currently slated to direct a movie for the DCEU is still intact. While it is unknown if Zack Snyder will come back to the DCEU to be a director, he is still an executive producer on Aquaman and Wonder Woman 2. 

Last but not least, the actors and status of characters. In the upcoming Flashpoint movie, Ben Affleck will reprise his role as Batman in it. But according to sources, he will not lace up the cowl for the upcoming Matt Reeves-directed solo Batman film due to Reeves wanting fresh talent for the role. 

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Written by: Akhil Modali 

Source: Variety