Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi Review (Spoiler Free)

The day is finally here and the next chapter of the epic Star Wars saga is being exhibited in thousands of theaters around the globe and we at Geek Motivation got the opportunity to attend an early screening.

For a basic spoiler-free summary: the story follows immediately after the events of The Force Awaken and we find Rey reaching out to Luke Skywalker for help, to join The Resistance and fight The First Order.

The Last Jedi, as its predecessor joins elements that pay tribute to the original trilogy, but also manages to hold on its own. It’s an emotional and entertaining journey, that manages to deepen the understanding we had for old characters and lets fans get to know new characters better. It also introduces some new faces, that we could expect to see in the future.

The issue that seems to be plaguing this trilogy is its villains. It’s understandable that coming up with an antagonist as good as Darth Vader seems difficult. But, after this movie, the attempt just falls short. The potential on quite a few characters is completely wasted and therein lies the weakness of this trilogy. 

That being said, the aspects that have always made these movies fun, entertaining and even profound are there. That constant struggle between light and dark is not only in the battle between Resistance and First Order but inside each character. 

The cinematography is breath-taking. The shots, effects, and colors used in the movie are just gorgeous and really make the movie come to life. That and the soundtrack make a beautiful piece of film-making.

The pieces for this trilogy are now joining and taking shape. The picture seems a bit clearer, but of course, not all questions have answers at the moment. This leaves a lot of potential for Episode IX and future installments that may come and expand the neverending universe that is Star Wars.

Overall the movie is a fantastic new chapter inside this beloved story.

Rating: 8.5/10

Written by: Cecilia López Closs

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