What The Fox/Disney Deal Means For Us

Today it has been announced that the Disney-Fox deal has been finalized for the small price of $52.4 BILLION, but what does it mean for us geeks?

Return of X-Men to the MCU

With the deal, Marvel will have cinematic control over Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Deadpool which is something people have been wanting for a while and opens endless possibilities. Now we may actually have a decent Fantastic Four film and great crossovers can be made with X-Men and Deadpool. Personally, I think a Spideypool movie would be hilarious! The downside is wondering if Disney is going to shy away from what has made movies like Deadpool and Logan wonderful to appeal all ages. This is what Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans said about the return of these franchises.

Ryan tweet

Chris Evans tweet

Star Wars Rights

Disney now has the rights to A New Hope, reuniting all of the Star Wars movies which means that we will eventually be able to buy all of the Star Wars movies together. More importantly it means that Lucas Films could potentially re release the unaltered original New Hope with no CGI Jabba and with Han shooting first.

Gotham, The Gifted and 1966 Batman

Disney now has control over what shows 20th Century Fox produces, meaning they will likely keep the big shows such as The Simpsons and The Gifted. However, even though Gotham has not been doing its’ best this season, it is now cheaper for Fox to buy episodes from Warner Brothers instead of buying completely new shows with this deal, meaning Gotham has a good chance of staying on the network. Fox also gave the rights of the 1966 Batman staring Adam West and Burt Ward to Disney which means they can do whatever they want with the property such as re air and sell merchandise for it.

Disney’s Streaming Service

With the announcement a lot of people are wondering how Disney having the majority Hulu shares will affect its’ streaming service which will supposedly release in 2019, and if they will convert Hulu to their platform or let it run its course until its’ rights expires and it shuts down. While we do not have the answers to what they will do with Hulu they will probably use it in a way to benefit their service. Another part of this deal that will majorly help them get viewers, potentially over Netflix, is that they will have access to a lot more titles for all ages, which will give them more leverage over Netflix which is arguably the most powerful streaming service. With the Fox deal they will have access to titles such as Avatar, Aliens, Ice Age, Planet of the Apes, Kingsman, The Simpsons, How I Met Your Mother, and more which will make their service much more accessible then if it was only filled with Disney and Marvel movies and shows.

Overall I think that this deal is a blessing to comic book fans as well as the general public, as long as Disney does not mess with the quality or tone of the incoming Fox movies, especially with Deadpool. Let us know what you think about the deal in the comments below!

Writer: Danielle Gonzalez

Source: New York Times,