Home Alone 2: Lost In New York Review

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, as I remember it, this was my personal favourite of the series. It features a young Kevin McCallister (who is a year older than last time around) is separated from his family for the second time in two years, only this time he gets lost at the airport, following a man with the same coast as his father after he got turned around and confused. Long-story short, he ends up in New York city with Harry and Marv and his family end up in Miami.

Director Chris Columbus brings the the same heart from the first movie plus some to this installment, only with less snow… As an aside this is something I think Columbus excel at, packing a huge amount of charm, heart and magic into his movies, judging by the first two Harry Potter films, Mrs Doubtfire and these two films to name a few. Staying on track, the team behind this film perfectly juxtapose the the magic of New York and Christmas together during the day and the grimy, scary streets of the Big Apple during the night. As a child I remember being petrified by the Pigeon Lady and if I’m honest, I’m not not sure I’m over that.

But Kevin really doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to Harry and Marv, throwing bricks and them and electrocuting them. With call backs to the first movie like the paint cans down the stairs, The Sticky Bandits (that’s their new name by the way) think they have him out-smarted, only to be wiped out by a new trick. As a nine year-old I used to idolise this character, he made me feel like I could take on the world, armed with my dad’s credit card and a tape recorder.

All that being said, I think this is a genuinely great movie and it deserves more than a couple watches at Christmas, if not for the amazing journey we go on with Kevin, it is for the cameo of our very own US president Donald Trump (look it up).

Written By: Tyrone Devon