One Year Later: Remembering Carrie Fisher

It has been more than a year since Carrie Fisher passed away. Carrie was known for being everyone’s favorite Princess in Star Wars, Princess Leia. Fisher is known for being one of the strongest women of our time with her unselfish, funny and tough personality. Fisher wrote several scripts where she was not credited. She never complained about this. She was beloved by co-stars and everyone who knew her. Here are some of the posts that remember her:


Carrie’s legacy is one of hope and empowerment. It is one that has taught us a lot of things. It is one that showed her love and passion for her work. It helped push for women in film. An example of how caring Carrie was can be found in this tweet:

She represents Geek Motivation in many ways, especially for women in media. Princess Leia is one of the most iconic female characters in film. Carrie portrayed her elegantly and strongly. She led the way for other famous female actresses getting their chances to play big roles in movies. One of our own Geek Motivation writers had something to say about this:

“To me, Carrie Fisher is an influencer. We’re talking about a person who helped change the spectrum of what it means to be a woman in Hollywood. I say this because Princess Leia was the first female figure I looked up to. At a young age, Star Wars wasn’t just the Space Opera other adore. This movie made me realize that female characters don’t have to be the “damsel in distress”. Leia is a leader, she’s fearless, possesses great military tactics, and she doesn’t let her role as Princess Organa stripe all that down. She managed to lead a group of Rebels and a Resistance against both the Empire and the First Order. Carrie Fisher taught me that genders don’t apply when saving the Galaxy, and because of her I grew a great interest in searching for more female figures, which allowed me to also fall in love with Ripley from the Alien franchise. And just like they say “To me, she’s royalty”.” – Christian Quiles

Her love for her work was evident to anyone around her. Her love in general radiated off of her. Perhaps her biggest motivational aspect was how she dealt with bipolar disorder and addiction to cocaine and other drugs. Mental health is a big issue in our world and seeing Carrie, one of the most beloved people of our time, struggle with this and speak about it is powerful. In fact one of our one members of Geek Motivation had something to say on how she impacted his life:

“She was an amazing advocate for mental health, which means a ton to me because of my illness. My siblings and I also refer to her as “Space Mom” so if there’s ever something I don’t want to do that could improve my health, like going to therapy or something, they’ll tell me to do it because Space Mom would want me to. And that makes me feel better about doing whatever it is I have to do.” – Lief Brandgard

Carrie will be remembered in many ways by many different people. She will always be remembered for what she did and what she was. Some remember her as an inspiration, a motivator, an unselfish friend, a caring woman and above all funny. To that, May the Force be with you Carrie, always.

Written by Neil Sharma

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