Crawling Rogue: Script Reportedly Being Weaved for Black Widow Film

Since her first appearance in Iron Man 2, fans have been clamouring for Scarlet Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff a.k.a. Black Widow to get her own film. Today, it was announced that despite the fact the film is in “very early” development and has yet to be greenlit, a writer was chosen to pen the script.


Variety reported that Kevin Fiege met with several potential writers, and out of them, tapped Jac Schaeffer, writer of films such as TiMER and the short Mr. Stache. She also recently took the eye of Anne Hathaway, who is attached to a script she’s written called The Shower in which an alien invasion takes place during a baby shower.


Upon watching the films that have been put out by Schaeffer, it’s curious that she’s been chosen since her films have a comedic tone. Still, the stories are strange, TiMER especially has technological development that becomes a way of life and is in a way brainwashing. This could be channeled in the way Schaeffer may bring the Red Room, where Natasha trained to become the assassin she is today. Whether she decides to go that far back in her story, jumping back in time like Captain Marvel, or show the impact it’s made on her entire life is something to speculate.

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Source: Variety

Written by: Mike Guimond