Heroes in History: Martin Luther King Jr.

Throughout history there have been countless heroes which do not exist on the pages of comics but rather, in our real world. There have been many heroes who have taken initiative to change the world through their actions and were committed to doing the right thing in their society. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a hero who’s actions have rang throughout history and has grown to be just as recognizable as Superman. On this holiday celebrating this man Geek Motivation would like to discuss the legacy this man led and what lessons he has provided and what we can still continue to learn from him today.

Martin Luther King was born on this day 1929 in Atlanta Georgia, Martin Luther King was actual originally named Michael King but his name was later changed due to his father changing his name and cited the physician who attended Martin made the error in giving the wrong name. Throughout his life king followed Christianity very closely and even joined his churches choir at a very young age. A notable moment which greatly exposed him to racial segregation was when he could no longer play with the white friend he made down the street due to his father no longer wanting to play with Mr. King. Later in his life Martin lost his grandmother which eventually led him to jump out of a second story window but luckily survived. Throughout all these events Martin had been going through depression due to the racial segregation he faced. As his early life continued martin continued to succeed in school so much so that he even skipped ninth and twelfth grade. Martin had been recognized as an excellent speaker throughout his academic career but it was during the Montgomery Bus Boycott was when he was deemed as the best known spokesman of the Civil Rights Movement

Throughout the 60’s Martin Luther King was one of the leaders of a crucial movement in U.S. History which even led to the creation of the Hero, Black Panther. Martin had already been speaking upon the injustices placed in the U.S. but it was the Montgomery Bus boycott led by him and Rosa parks which gave him the bigger platform to speak upon. Martin Luther King continue to lead a movement which still rings throughout today. Martin made plenty of sacrifices and suffered plenty of losses throughout his career whether it be from his house being bombed or to being arrested due to protesting in Birmingham. Despite the obstacles Martin had made, he turned them into something constructive and made strides to lead his community with a positive outlook but with realistic expectations. Martin Luther King left us with truly inspirational and motivational speeches and works of his writing which many people still continue to study today.

Martin Luther King has taught us that it is up for us to make the change in the world and doing what is right may not always be seen as right in others eyes. Martin Luther King is a hero who wanted to continue to do good in this world and fortunately he was and still continues to be a beacon of what we wish to see in this world. No matter what heroes that are created in comics they truly will never amount to the heroes in real life. The heroes on the page often owe their creation to the heroes which are in the world everyday. I would like to praise Martin Luther King for his heroic bravery and perseverance throughout a time which he constantly risked his life day by day all because he knew what he was doing what was right and isnt that what a hero is all along?

I would also like to acknowledge and suggest the graphic novel which depicts the life of MLK: Martin Luther King and The Montgomery Story

Source: MLK