Running in a New Direction: Daley & Goldstein Tapped Into the Speedforce for ‘Flashpoint’ Film

Justice League, although receiving mixed reception, had a breakout character in Ezra Miller’s portrayal of Barry Allen/The Flash. The hype surrounding Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman seems to have dwindled down to his what might be his last appearance in the ‘Flashpoint’ film. Even though creative differences separated from the film director Rick Famuyiwa, the man in the chair for Dope (2015), the search is still on for an amazing director, or, in the light of recent news, directors.


Variety reports Spider-Man: Homecoming writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein are in negotiations despite Warner Bros. not having any comment on it. The two have directed films like Vacation (2015) and the upcoming Game Night.


Vacation was reeling with comedy and Game Night seems to be upping it with the gut-busting thrills it poses in the trailers: a quality definitely necessary to keep up with the quips of The Flash. Along with this, despite being writers on the projects, their visions for films like Horrible Bosses and its sequel as well as Homecoming shows they can execute high stakes. With the implications of time travel, such stakes will need to be taken even higher.

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Source: Variety

Writer: Mike Guimond