Geek Motivation’s Fanfiction Contest Winner

The rifle sat on the tripod aimed at the entrance of the Gotham City bank. Floyd Lawton locked the stock into his armpit and waited. Hidden from the eyesight of the GCPD, Deadshot was about to cash his biggest bounty and kill his first alien.

Superman came out of the front door, flanked by the five members of the Panther Gang, with four bags in his hands he carried over two million dollars. The Panther Gang jumped into their SUV parked out the front. Superman put the bags in the trunk and walked to the front of the four-wheel drive.

Lifting the front of the car above his head, Superman posed and turned to the police officers. Nobody would dare speak. The son of Krypton elevated the car off the ground and stretched his arms upwards.

Deadshot had his target and with the Kryptonite bullet in the chamber, courtesy of LEXCORP, he fired straight at the S on Superman’s chest.

A green streak of light whizzed through the air, Green Lantern landed just a few metres away from Superman and using his power ring displayed a shield that caused Deadshot’s bullet to ricochet off. John Stewart turned to Superman and nodded. The Man of Steel bent his knees and took off, flying away with the SUV.

– Daniel Eade

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