5 Batman Stories You Should Read!

Batman has been around almost 80+ years and is a culturally icon to comic books and Geek culture as a whole. Whether you are a novice to the character, or have been reading all of his antics for years, here are five batman stories that you should check out! (Note that the these are not the best stories, rather than I think you should definitely read!). Also, no plot details will be given out in this article so , NO SPOILERS HERE:)!

1.Court of owls

One of the newer entries on the list, Court of owls is a great story arc. It delves and plays with batman’s brain and at the same time shows how he operates at his lowest point. I love this story because it adds a sense of history to the character. One of the biggest problems I have with batman stories is that a lot of them focus on his current adventures and never really build out his history. This story goes deep into the wayne family history and it has a amazing twist and turns that you will have you on the edge of your seat.

  1. Tower of babel

This is my favorite batman story every. This story arc is a prime example of why batman is so badass. This action packed storyline will have you jumping for joy as you turn the page. While this story is kinda short, it is filled to brim with classic batman moments.  It also includes the JLA for a nice treat so it is very interesting to see batman play with them in his own book. Also, this story provides a very important point in batman mythos……Batman always has a plan.

  1. The killing joke

Iconic. In my eyes, this is the best batman story ever. This story does a amazing job of showing the mental stability of batman and  what happens when batman is pushed to his limit. Also, the ending is one of the most debated endings in comic books so you are in for a treat. The story is also of the more mature batman stories, playing with very adult themes. The art is also amazing throughout the whole story and it will have you tearing up one moment and picking up your jaw the next.

  1. Batman and son

One of the new additions to the batman mythos comes from this story. Bruce wayne kid , Damian, is introduced in the story. This story is great because it shows bruce not only as batman man, but as a new father and how he deals with all the stress. Damian plays almost a villain like role, with him testing bruce on every front. I also love the small steps that are included in this story to show the dichotomy between Damian and Dick Grayson aka the first robin and now currently Nightwing. The story also lets the reader have a closer look at batman’s moral code and how close he holds it to his heart when things get rough.

5.Gotham by gaslight

This story is not canon but I wish it would be. The story take places in victorian era and takes the batman we know and love and makes him old school badass. Seeing batman in this age is so cool and the interactions between him and his cast is awesome. The setting alone is a reading point, with it being interesting and dark. The villain in the story to is awesome, but it is a major spoiler so you have to read it to find out!

What is your favorite batman story? Let us know and for all things geek, you are in the right place