Roaring with Excitement: Third Jurassic World Installment Slated for Summer 2021

Ever since the release of the first Jurassic World, fans knew the story that made Jurassic Park such a classic was back and better than ever. It’s no wonder that with the coming release of its sequel,  Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Universal Studios might want to also bring back the idea of a trilogy (or even go beyond it).


Recent news from SuperBroMovies says Universal has plans for a third installment in the Jurassic World series, making it the sixth installment in the Jurassic Park film franchise overall.


Co-writer for the Jurassic World films thus far, Colin Trevorrow will write once again, this time with the screenwriter behind Pacific Rim: Uprising, Emily Carmichael. With influence by someone who’s written a film on gargantuan robots taking down monsters, it’s a wonder how grand of a scale this sequel will have. Regardless, the screenplay is based on a story written by Trevorrow and regular collaborator Derek Connolly, who, since the first Jurassic World, helped pen Kong: Skull Island and collaborated on the installment coming in June. The visually stunning Skull Island‘s influence should show in these coming installments too.


Steven Spielberg will return as executive producer, along with Trevorrow, Frank Marshall and Pat Crowley, all under Spielberg’s production company: Amblin Entertainment.

The film is slated for release on June 11, 2021

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Source: SuperBroMovies

Written by Mike Guimond