Iron Man 3 Review

Another week closer to Infinity War means another step in our reviews of the MCU films. This time, we’re gonna take a look at Robert Downey Jr’s last solo movie, Iron Man 3.

In this chapter of the MCU, Tony Stark works to recover from the stress he experienced during the New York incident from Avengers. To make matters worse, he also is faced against a terrorist that goes by the name of “The Mandarin” and must think faster and fight harder to overcome a villain who is always one step ahead.

The writing for Iron Man 3 has its ups and downs. It’s a great step in further developing Tony Stark’s character. It’s quite the journey to see how Tony grows and changes throughout the course of this movie. These changes to Tony are consistent in his future appearances in the franchise. The downside of Iron Man 3‘s writing comes in the form of its villains. The villains are extremely lackluster. They don’t have very intriguing motives or any real depth. As a comic reader, I felt that one of the villains was an enormous let down and didn’t get the attention he deserved. Not a lot goes on with the side characters. The changes to Rhodes’ suit felt like just a temporary gimmick.

The only acting that stands out in Iron Man 3 is obviously Robert Downey Jr’s. He makes this performance of Tony Stark unique by blending some dramatic acting to go with his usual smugness and charm. The downside of Robert Downey Jr being in the spotlight is that he outshines pretty much everybody else in the movie, including the villains. The child that interacts with Tony for a chunk of the movie is a good comical addition, but he still doesn’t catch up to Downey.

This movie has some of the best action in all of the Iron Man films. The CGI has gotten progressively better with each new film. I never get tired of watching Tony suit up. If you’re a fan of the suit designs in these movies, then Iron Man 3 will not disappoint. There were plenty of visual gags that went with the suit sequences. The film did a pretty good job at increasing the intensity of action sequences as the plot escalated.

While Iron Man 3 has great action and character building, it leaves very little room for side characters or villains to join the fun.


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