3 Key Points From Avengers Infinity War Prelude Comic

With Black Panther out and moving full steam ahead, the focus is going to switch over toward Infinity War in the MCU. While we still have to wait a couple month for its release, Marvel is releasing tie-in comics to the movie. Part 1 is a prelude and here are three takeaways from the comic.

  1. Tony is still in a state of flux about who he should trust– After the events of Civil War, it is safe to say that the Avengers gang is in shambles. In the comic towards the end, Tony states, “Even if I would call, he would still answer, but will that be enough?” This shows that Tony is still in reflective mode after everything that happened during Civil War. We all know that they will eventually have to get back together, but it is interesting to still see Tony reeling from the events that happened.
  2. Shuri may be the smartest person in the MCU– So this one is kind of a stretch, but I need to mention it. Shuri calls the AI that tony used for Ultron “a shortcut” while she explains how she is going to clear Winter Soldier’s head. This is me taking a huge leap of faith, but I think that makes her the smartest person in the MCU if she calls Ultron AI a “shortcut”……….GO SEE BLACK PANTHER!
  3. Cap is still on the run– After breaking out those who were held on the raft (Clint, Wanda, Scott, Sam, Natasha) the next couple of pages show what they are all up to. Clint is back home with his family and Scott is doing the same. What is interesting is seeing Cap, Natasha and Sam still doing good while being wanted fugitives. The panels show Cap, Widow and Falcon going after illegal Chitauri tech on the black market. This sounds very much like the Nomad character from the comics. Long story short, the Nomad character is really Captain America after some stuff happens that makes him drop the mantle.

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