We Have Our Flash Directors

In a flash. Well kinda. It seems that we finally have a solid director the flash movie.

After a lot of jumping it seems we finally have a solid future for the Flash movie. John Daley and Jonathan Goldstein have been tapped for the project. The film seems to be going for a more light light hearted approach to the characters of these two have a background in comedy with their new movie Game Night doing well in the box office.

These two are familiar with this kind of superhero tone as they were in charge in writing the script for Spider Man: Homecoming  which was a smash hit and loved by both critics and fans! What will be interesting is to see how they will handle the Flash as a character and what story/stories they will tap for his solo outing. Ezra Miller seems to have a good grip on a different take on the flash and we can not wait for his movie! For all things geek, you are in the right place. Stay motivated, you got this!

-Akhil Modali


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