Jessica Jones Season 2 Recap And Review (Spoilers)

After almost 2 and a half years since the first season, Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ second season was released last Thursday.

During the first episodes of this season we see Jessica still struggling. She’s burdened by the fact that she killed Kilgrave, questioning if she herself is nothing but a killer as well. She’s distanced herself emotionally from everything, choosing superficial cases to work on and not get attached. A man called Robert “The Whizzer” Coleman, claims that he has superpowers and is in danger. He asks for Jessica’s help, thinking he’s just mentally ill, she refuses.

Malcolm now works for Jessica in Alias Investigations, trying to find a way to help people and maintain himself, fighting his addiction.

A new superintendent, Oscar, moves into the building. He’s weary of Jessica at first for the attention she brings, but slowly becomes an interesting addition and is in some way a healthy one in Jessica’s life.

Jeri Hogarth finds out she’s sick and her partners in the law firm try to take her out of the business.

Meanwhile, Trish pursues the investigation around Jessica and her family’s accident. She finds out Jessica was missing for 20 days after the accident and before she was admitted to the hospital. She goes to Jessica with the information, but Jessica at first refuses to the investigation preferring not to relive the pain, but eventually caves.


People involved with IGH and the investigation start dying and Jessica and Trish go looking for the killer. Simpson appears and had been protecting Trish from IGH, from the shadows. He eventually is a victim of the killer as well. Trish keeps his weapons, and an inhaler he’s been using to heighten his senses. She starts using it and becomes addicted, ultimately destroying the Trish Walker we know and giving a peek of Hellcat.

Halfway through the season it’s revealed that the killer is Jessica’s mom, who was brought from the dead by IGH and was in a coma for 5 years. As a result she got superpowers and suffers from erratic bursts of anger and while losing control hurts people.

Overall, this season didn’t really live up to the first. The story felt all over the place, perhaps because there wasn’t really an antagonist to the arc. Of course the plot twist provided a huge shock effect, but one can’t help but wonder if it was the right choice, story wise. The last season provided a much clearer structure and didn’t completely lose it self in the subplots, which at times happened this season.

What truly was outstanding in this season is Jessica’s developement. It gave viewers more information about why she is how she is, not only because of the accident and experiment but because of other events that left a mark in her. It’s heartbreaking to see everything she went through and keeps going through. The effect that her mother’s appeareance had on her and the influence of her being part of Jessica’s life during this gives the plot twist sense.

Although subpar story-wise in comparison with its predecessor, this character development almost makes up for that and gives viewers hope for Jessica’s healing. The resolution in this arc should have completely destroyed Jessica, but her resilience keeps her going. She realizes she hasn’t been really living and that she was so disconnected and tries to change that and finds a little bit of light in her life.

Written by: Cecilia López Closs

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