Non-Spoiler Review for Jessica Jones Season 2

Jessica Jones returns to Netflix two years after the first season and less then a year from The Defenders. The first season was a hit and was very grounded in the many themes it tackled head on.

Season 2 deals with Jessica being a publicly known “Super” and the positive/negative effects has on her. She has to deal with the events from The Defenders and having to kill Killgrave to stop him terrorizing her and many others. Now a new case comes up that causes her to dig into how she gained her abilities and the truth behind IGH.

The season has many intense moments where Jessica has to make a choice and each of those choices have little to none positive effects to her or those around her. We get more from supporting characters such as Trish Walker, Malcolm Ducasse, and Jeri Hogarth. Each has their own unique storyline that intertwines with Jessica’s search for the truth about her past.

While the second season does not have the same impact or grasping for more after each episode, as the first season did, it does have a good flow from episode to episode. I do need to praise that season 2 had more twists even when you expected to see it coming something new happens, that extends your intrigue to keep watching.

Season 2 is not a repeat of season 1 but that is a good thing. It deals with different types of personal demons each character has to face on their own. The all female directors of each episodes bring out the full empowering of women, not only from Jessica Jones but to all female characters. After the let down of Iron Fist and the mixed reviews of The Defenders and The Punisher its great to see an above average season of Marvels Netflix heroes.

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