Where is the Soul Stone: My thoughts!

I still can’t believe it, infinity war is about to come out in about a month and some change. The biggest thought on everyone’s mind is, where is the soul stone? Today, I am going to shed some light on where it is in my eyes. Let’s start by clearing up the area and where I think it is not. First, I do not think it is with tony because I think that feels way too obvious to give it to the guy who started out. Next, I don’t think it is in Wakanda because the rule is in the MCU (at least I think) that you can not keep two stones in close proximity to each other. With the soul stone being in vision’s forehead, I think it is safe to save that it is not there. But that does not mean that the other stone is still on earth (we will get to that in a second). Now let’s get to where I think it is. I think the Soul stone will not show up in infinity war, until the very very end. A post credit scene will tease it and then Avengers 4 will take care of it. Disney states that Captain Marvel is not in the film, but I have a very funny feeling that they said that to throw everyone of the smell of the soul stone. It is also rumored that Hawkeye is in the film very little to none at all. What if Hawkeye has been tasked with finding a person named Carol Danvers (aka captain marvel) as she has been hiding for sometime after the events of her movie because she feels as if there are enough heroes around. Hawkeye finds her because she knows the location of the soul stone? Which will lead to the beginning of Avengers 4! Let me know what you guys think of the theory (I know it is out there)! For all things geek, you are in the right place!