Avengers: Infinity War Release Date Pushed Back

The upcoming Avengers: Infinity War has been pushed back to it’s original release date. Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, announced Sunday morning that the film would be pushed back until May 4, 2018. Feige cites post-production mishaps, saying, “With so many visual effects required for the majority of the film, we regret to inform fans that our April 27th release date of Avengers [Infinity War] may have been overly ambitious. We are deeply sorry we acted foolishly by irrationally loving up the release date.”

Fandango has ensured moviegoers that they will respect the reservations of those who preordered. Tickets bought for screenings on Thursday, April 26th at, say, 7 PM will still be valid at theaters come May 3rd, at 7PM.

The move comes as a shock to fans around the globe, who were practically ensured the release date was set in stone. So long as the effects and rest of the movie are still amazing, fans will hopefully be okay with having to wait another week.

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