Gal Gadot Backs Out of Wonder Woman Sequel

In a shocking move, Gal Gadot has backed out of the Wonder Woman sequel. She announced this to fans in an exclusive interview with Geek Motivation this morning.

“April is a special month for me, as my birthday comes at the end. I had really been thinking about what I want for myself, and consulted with Patty [Jenkins]. She offered me the best present ever: a way out of the flailing DCEU, which came in the form of a secret casting; Kristen Wiig,” the actress says. Gadot goes on to say, “Fools are the only people who try to stay with a sinking ship. Ben [Affleck] is leaving, Superman may never not be in anymore movies, Shazam! is being cancelled. Things are changing at Warner Bros. and it’s not for the better.”

We’re sad to see her go, but it sounds like this is something Gadot really wants. But what could her comment about Kristen Wiig mean for the sequel? Personally, I took it as Wiig will take over the role of Diana and Wonder Woman. How did you take it? Let us know in the comments below!