Deadpool’s Pink Suit to be Auctioned Off to Support Cancer Research

Last night, 2016’s Deadpool made its television debut on the channel FX. During a commercial break, the Merc with a Mouth himself had a special message to audiences and fans around the world. Sporting the pink Deadpool suit, Ryan Reynolds announced a partnership with the U.S. nonprofit and registered Canadian charity Fuck Cancer in light of Deadpool’s history with cancer.

In return for fans making donations as low as ten dollars, the pink Deadpool suit will be raffled off to one lucky winner. You can enter this fundraiser at and support cancer research. Watch the full video below!

Will you be donating to this awesome cause? We sure will be! Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18, and stars Ryan Reynolds as the titular character, Josh Brolin as the time-travelling mutant Cable, and Zazie Beetz as Domino. Be sure to follow Geek Motivation on Twitter (@geekmotivation) and Instagram (@GEEKMOTIVATION) for more awesome superhero news!

Source: Heroic Hollywood

Written by: Zach Smith – Twitter: @hackey_ZACH