The MCU impact

It is funny. It seems like just yesterday, I was in the theater watching the first iron man Post credit scene. At the time, I did not think anything of it. I was just like “wow, that cool, they are probably making a small series of movies and then finish it with the Avengers”. Boy, I was I wrong. Now, with 18 films done and one major coming very soon (infinity war duh!), the MCU is the blood-blue of Hollywood and everyone wants a piece of the pie. The MCU is one of the most important developments in Hollywood,

Let’s be completely honest, the only thing that the superhero movies had to hold on to before the MCU was Nolan first Batman movie in the Dark Knight Trilogy, Tobey’s Spiderman and the first X-men Movie. Superhero movies otherwise were often considered a joke and just a way to sell toys and make even more money of the toys than the actual movie.  The MCU complete changed that. Now, every major production company in Hollywood is looking in every corner of every comic universe to get the next big superhero. The MCU also provided that you can have a different kind of superhero movie, other than the generic concept of one. The MCU made it so now, superhero movies dominate the box office. The MCU made superhero movies the main attraction at the box office.

Just look at black panther, which is historical in its own right. It is simple, they made superheroes cool and easy to understand to anyone who has never picked up a comic book. I grew up reading infinity gauntlet and the first Civil war and now everyone and their momma know what the infinity stones and so forth. Come on, you can not tell me that little kids before the MCU woke up on Halloween and said they wanted to be Groot. Sesh, I have been reading comics for almost my entire life and I will even say that when they announced the guardians of the galaxy movie I was like “that is going to flop”. Now look, I sound and feel so stupid, but in a good way. The MCU is a trendsetter. Just look at twitter every time a new movie does well. The tweets start piling in about building a (insert movie here) universe.

That is strictly because of the MCU. We even see one of Disney’s other prize possessions following this model now. If you asked a star wars fan ten years ago about the possibility of getting elseworld stories that explain the backstory of some of there most beloved characters, they would make the loudest Chewbacca sound they can make and start explaining how it is impossible to do that from a cinematic perspective. Now look, thanks to the MCU proving that you can give backstory to characters and still make them a part of the larger universe, Solo happened. The MCU is here to stay, and its impact will be felt longer than when Thanos snaps his fingers and raiser’s half the universe. For all things geek, you are in the right place! Stay motivated, you got this!