Why It’s Cool to be a Geek

When I grew up, liking superheroes, Star Wars, or any other similar topics got you made fun of. I remember after I went to watch Revenge of the Sith, I was the nerd of the school for at least the next week. That of course could be attributed to the juvenile tendencies of grade schoolers, but the label of “geek” stuck all through high school, too. Now, however, it seems almost cool to be labelled “geek.” The truth is, it’s always been cool, it just takes a while to fully appreciate it. So, here’s three reasons why it’s cool to be a geek!

1. We Always have A Light At the End of the Tunnel

I don’t mean this in a dying kind of way, but no matter what is going on in our lives, there is always that upcoming movie or comic issue that we get to look forward too. This year especially, a rough week can be made a little bit better by a highly anticipated film coming out on Fridays. And with most comics coming out every other Wednesday, the struggle you face mid-week can be alleviated by reading twenty-some pages of your favorite comic! Personally, this week is my last week of the semester with projects and papers due almost every day. Thankfully,  Avengers: Infinity War on Friday and The Flash comic being released on Wednesday are giving me the motivation to finish everything I have to do.

2. We Are Everywhere

Anymore, you can’t go to the mall without spotting someone sporting a Star Trek t-shirt or Batman ball cap. Countless times I’ve worn a Captain America shirt or Star Wars sweater only to be stopped and asked, “What do you think of The Last Jedi,” or, “Who do you think will die in Infinity War?” I once was even stopped outside a Dunkin’ Donuts for half a hour by someone else wearing a Flash t-shirt just like mine, just to talk about The Flash’s portrayal in every medium. And with the internet, we literally are everywhere.

3. We’re Always There for One Another

When bad things happen, we can always rely on the geek community to lend support. From the actors who portray our favorite characters to each and every writer here at Geek Motivation, we are always open to helping each other. No matter how tough things are, we always are able to rely on other geeks to help us feel better in any way they can.

At the end of the day, no matter what you consider yourself (i.e. geek, jock, musician, whatever) you’re cool. Sometimes, though, those who identify as geeks feel like they’re not cool. You are. If you’re picked on, it will pass. I promise. Just stick it out, and keep looking towards that light at the end of the tunnel, whatever it might be. And like I said, we are all here for one another, so don’t ever feel wrong reaching out to myself or anyone here at Geek Motivation.

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Written by Zach Smith; Twitter (@hackey_ZACH)