Comic VS Cinematic Thanos

Avengers: Infinity War has been out for over a week now and after 10 years of build up, we finally got to see the big mad titan on the big screen. But now comes the big question, which Thanos is better: the comic version or the cinematic?


Thanos first made his debut in issue 55 of Iron Man in 1973 and was created by Jim Starlin. Comic Thanos has done some crazy powerful stuff. When Thanos was first born he killed his mother, but in his defense she did try to kill him. In Infinity Gauntlet, he got a hold of the infinity stones and not only wiped out half the universe, but took on pretty much the whole Marvel Universe including powerhouses like Galactus and the Watchers! In the Infinity series that came out in 2013, Black Bolt screamed at him, sending shock waves through the Moon and Earth shattering almost everything in an attempt to stop Thanos from finding his son, but Thanos survived and beat Back Bolt to a pulp shortly after. Lastly, in The Heart of the Universe story line in which Thanos gains power from the One Above All, he literally destroyed the multiverse leaving nothing but him, darkness, Gamora and Adam Warlock.

Now let’s talk about Josh Brolin’s cinematic take on Thanos. We first saw Thanos in the end credit scene in the first Avengers film. He did not disappoint. In Infinity War he gains all the stones by force while also killing a lot of characters. He starts off by not only demolishing Thor and Loki, but he even beat the Hulk very easily in the first 10 minutes and kills Loki right in front of Thor. Later on in the film he forces his daughter Gamora to lead him to the soul stone and kills her to obtain it, proving that he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. In the final scenes, he first almost kills Iron Man and throws a moon at what is left of the Guardians, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man. He then arrives at Wakanda and beats everyone that stands in his way without breaking a sweat, and right before Thor could finish him off he snaps his fingers, killing half of the universe.

So who is better?

My heart will always go to the comics because of all the insane stuff they had him do over the years, but that is not to say that the cinematic Thanos is not close behind. After watching Infinity War he instantly became one of the best comic book villains in film. Also, the cinematic titan never got arrested in New York by the police while flying around in his helicopter! (Yes, that actually happened!)

But I will leave the decision up to you because there is no wrong answer to this question! For more news, reviews and all your geeky motivational needs, follow us on Twitter @GEEKMOTIVATION!

Michael Boschi