Deadpool 2 Review

The Merc with the mouth is back in full action and I am here today to tell you how Deadpool two is! My review will be broken down into two parts, the good and the bad! Let’s get started. Also, no spoilers in this review, so read on my fellow mutant!


The good: Deadpool two is Deadpool one on big, mutant steroids. The new additions to the roster are some great additions, and I would like to add that they are both amazing. Josh Brolin as Cable is amazing, both from a comic and a film perspective. His portrayal of Cable is great, often stealing a majority of the scenes he is in. My star of the show thought goes to Zazie Beetz, who portrayal of Domino is awesome. Her sarcastic, charming attitude takes over the film. While I do like the new additions, I can still say that Ryan Reynolds once again kills it with his performance as Deadpool  The characters mesh very well together and their chemistry on screen is apparent. As for the plot, we will not go into any spoilers here; but much here but is a good enough plot where it lends itself to the bad shit, crazy that is the Deadpool movies at times. The humor is also great in this film, taking jabs at everything from the current state of superhero movies, to the commentary on pop culture. There is even a couple of DCEU references in the movie! The humor is very apparent and still take the front page of the story. Also, will not say anything but there are surprises in the film you should definitely be aware of. Last but not least……STAY FOR THE BEST POST CREDIT SCENE EVER!!!!!!


The bad: I found one flaw with the movie, is the  simple fact that at times, the humor was so much that when they wanted to incorporate actually intense, story driven content in the story, I did not find it to stick to me emotional. I was rather waiting for the next joke rather than actually feeling the emotion in the film. The film also suffers from the same issue that I thought the first deadpool had. The jokes are so rapid fire that sometimes, a joke will go over the head and you will miss it completely. Also, the soundtrack is so awesome, but they do not implement well throughout the movie.


Verdict- Deadpool 2 is a great movie. While it is not my favorite superhero movie of the year (um, duh) , I do think that deadpool 2 manges to do something that a lot of movies in general now a days struggle with…..I think deadpool 2 is way better the the first. My rating scales usually go as follows; See it opening weekend (the best), see it in the theatre(2nd best), wait until redbox (3rd best) or do not waste your time (worst). For deadpool 2, I highly recommend that you go see it opening weekend. While the jokes are rapid fire and some of the serious is lost in the film, the movie is flat out funny. I have not laugh at the movies that hard in sometime.  This is a must watch. Also, be on the lookout for our spoilery review and our easter eggs list! For all things geek, you are in the right place!