Deadpool 2 – A Spoiler Review (With Easter Eggs)

After the critical and box office success of Deadpool in 2016, Fox has once again brought comic book fans and movie-goers alike another great film in the X-Men universe since 2017’s Logan. In this review, we discuss the sequel to Tim Miller’s film, this time directed by David Leitch (John Wick, Atomic Blonde).

As the title of this article suggests, there will be spoilers, so if you have not yet seen the movie, we urge you to do so now and return to this article later.


Plot Summary

The film begins with Wade Wilson/ Deadpool has been continuing his life as a mercenary, getting kills in places such as Hong Kong, Sicily, Tokyo, and Biloxi. On his anniversary with his girlfriend, Vanessa, he fails to kill one of his targets. One night, they decide to start a family together, but one of his targets follows Wilson home and Vanessa is killed by a gunshot wound. The target almost manages to get away until he is killed on the road.

After a James Bond-like introductory credits scene, Wilson has a conversation with Weasel and Dopinder about feeling “fine.”  The only memory he has of his deceased girlfriend is a Skee-Ball token. His roommate Blind Al tells him to “listen to the pain; it’s both a history teacher and fortune teller. Pain teaches us who we are.” Blaming himself for her death, Wilson attempt to commit suicide by blowing himself up in his apartment. Saved by Colossus, Wilson wakes up in the X-Mansion, where “shiny Jesus” tells the mercenary that his “heart’s not in the right place.” Wilson gives himself a tour around the place on Professor Xavier’s wheelchair and questions why only Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus are the only people present, unbeknownst to him that there are X-Men in one room.


Meanwhile, Cable stands in the ruins of his home with a burnt teddy bear in his hands and decides to travel back in time to the past. Back in the present, Wilson is wearing Professor X’s Cerebro and accidentally breaks it. He, Colossus, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead then respond to an accident occurring as the Essex Home for Mutant Rehabilitation orphanage. One of the young mutants named Russell Collins/ Firefist has caused a scene in front of the house and is broadcast on live television. The boy blasts the three mutants with his powers, and Wilson tries to attempt a “superhero landing” but fails. He realizes the boy has been mistreated by the orphanage staff, distracts the surrounding spectators by reciting Colossus’s speech on how “four to five moments [are] all it takes to be a hero,” then kills one of the staff members. As a consequence, Russell and Wilson are brought to an isolated prison for mutant criminals called the “Icebox,” where inmates wear collars restrained around their necks to prevent them from utilizing their abilities. Cable enters the present in a Terminator-style manner and encounters two rednecks, and he takes their vehicle.

Deadpool 2 Russell

Wilson tells Russell that “the industry discriminates” for how they look and are perceived. He then advises the kid into getting on the good side with the biggest man in the Icebox. A prison fight ensues between Russell, Wilson, and a mutant named Black Tom Cassidy. Afterward, Russell grows curious as he sees a cell labeled “Maximum Security Zone.” Cable breaks into the prison shortly after and proceeds to kill Russell. Deadpool defends the boy in a fight with Cable, during Cable tells Wilson that he has come from the future to kill the boy and Wilson tells the time traveler that he does not care for the boy. They continue to fight it off until Wilson lands in the snow, telling the audience that “in every film, every character hits rock bottom.”


In the afterlife (although not on the other side), Vanessa convinces Wilson to help Collins. Realizing the wrong he has done towards Russell, Wilson chooses to be selfless. Vanessa tells him that the boy “gives us a chance of what we used to be.” Alive and in the real world, Wilson (with the help of Weasel) goes online to enlist a team of mutants to save Russell. He and Weasel audition and recruit mutants named Bedlam, Zeitgeist, Vanisher, Shatterstar, and Domino. A regular human male named Peter joins the team as well, which disappoints Dopinder, who wanted a spot on the team. They devise a plan to chase after an Icebox prison-transfer convoy–which is a children’s drawing with crayons–and go by a gender-neutral team name, X-Force.


Before jumping out of a flying plane, Wilson tells the group that they have all been chosen by a higher power, and they assume he is implying that he is God. They jump from the plane as an AC/DC song titled “Thunderstruck” plays. They release their parachutes prematurely. As a result of heavy winds in the area:

  • Bedlam flies and crashes in front of a bus window;
  • Shatterstar is shredded by helicopter blades;
  • Vanisher flies into electrical wires between two telephone poles and is electrocuted;
  • Zeitgeist ends up in a woodchipper; and
  • Peter lands safely and tries to save Zeitgeist but is killed by Zeitgeist’s vomit acid.

Deadpool and Domino are the only two survivors of the superhero landing. They catch up to the convoy, where they are intercepted by Cable. They fight him off, and Black Tom Cassidy is shot in the head because of Domino’s powers. Russell frees the inmate from the Maximum Security Zone, who turns out to be the Juggernaut. Juggernaut causes the convoy to crash, then rips Deadpool into two halves before leaving the scene with Russell.

Wilson heals himself in Blind Al’s apartment, his lower body growing baby legs. Domino, Weasel, and Dopinder arrive to help Wilson, and Cable arrives as well to tell them he will help them stop Russell’s first murder to prevent him from becoming a future criminal. He also tells them that his time traveling device only has two charges: “one to get me here [in the present], one to get me home.” Wilson calls this poor writing, and Cable reaches into his “fanny pack” to apply lip balm.

The group drives to the Essex Home in Dopinder’s taxi car. On their way there, they stop by the X-Mansion so Deadpool could serenade Colossus with an apology. (During the car ride, Domino wishes that–perhaps with her abilities–she “should have finished college.”) Upon arrival at the Essex Home, Cable explains that the teddy bear is stained with the “blood of [his] daughter.” A fight ensues between the group and the Juggernaut and Russell, and Dopinder heads back to his taxi. Angry at his abusive orphanage headmaster, Russell heads into the house and tracks him down to have him admit that he is “an abomination.” Meanwhile, the group fights off the Juggernaut until they are saved by Colossus. They decide that “it’s time to fight dirty,” and a Colossus fights off the Juggernaut, to which Deadpool cheers “Go get ’em, tiger” and refers to as a “big CGI fight.”


Deadpool and Cable fight off orphanage staff while Domino frees the orphans from the home. Russell forces the headmaster to speak his mantra: “Blessed are the wicked who are healed by my hand.” Negasonic Teenage Warhead and her girlfriend Yukio arrive in time to save Colossus, and together, they defeat the Juggernaut by sticking electrical wires up his butt then kicking him into the Essex Home’s outdoor swimming pool, where he is electrocuted. Deadpool reaches Russell and calms him down.


Cable aims a gun at the kid, and Deadpool–in slow-motion–leaps in front of Russell and takes the bullet, proving he cares for the boy while putting on and wearing a mutant-inhibitor collar. Wilson is surrounded by the fellow mutants and says, “I don’t wanna die without an audience” and hopes that “the Academy is watching.” Before he dies a peaceful death, he gives his fellow mutants his belongings and words of wisdom.

  • To Domino, he gives his Adventure Time watch.
  •  He refers to Negasonic Teenage Warhead as “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.”
  • He tells Cable to “[stop] judging people by their skin but by the content of their character.”

He teaches them that “family” is the biggest F-word, then reunites with Vanessa in the afterlife. He asks her, “Is this Heaven?” to which she replies, “It is now.” Wilson’s death prompts Russell into not killing the headmaster. Russell’s decision changes the future, saving Cable’s family from their deaths at future Russell’s hands. In the afterlife, Vanessa tells Wilson that “it’s not time; you can’t stay. There’s a time for us. It’s just not now.” Cable uses the last charge on his time traveling device to save Deadpool from being killed. He travels back in time several minutes instead of forward to his family and puts Vanessa’s Skee-Ball token in front of Wilson’s heart, knowing that he cannot ever return to the future to join his family.

Wilson expresses his gratitude towards Cable with a hug; “I don’t know how to thank you, [but] I know how to hug you.” The group leaves the Essex Home before the headmaster calls them “dirty mutants.” Dopinder drives his taxi into the headmaster–killing him instantly–then joins the group in leaving the area. Wilson calls them “X-People,” to which Warhead responds with “X-hausting.”

  • In a mid-credits sequence, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio fix Cable’s time traveling device at the X-Mansion. They give it to Deadpool, who uses it to rectify the X-Men timeline.
    • He saves Vanessa and Peter from dying, then shoots and kills Weapon XI/ Deadpool in a confrontation with Logan/ Wolverine in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, then shoots actor Ryan Reynolds at the back of the head as the actor holds up a script for 2011’s Green Lantern.



  • Wade Wilson/ Deadpool (portrayed by Ryan Reynolds)
    • The wisecracking Mercenary with a Mouth and titular character
  • Cable (portrayed by Josh Brolin)
    • The time-traveling cybernetic soldier, although the film acknowledges neither whether or not he is a mutant nor if he is Scott Summers/ Cyclop’s son
  • Vanessa (portrayed by Morena Baccarin)
    • Wilson’s fiancee
  • Russell Collins/ Firefist (portrayed by Julian Dennison)
    • A young mutant with pyrokinesis; he is hunted by Cable for killing the soldier’s family in the future
  • Domino (portrayed by Zazie Beetz)
    • A mutant with the ability to manipulate luck; a member of the X-Force
  • Juggernaut (voiced and performed via motion-capture by Ryan Reynolds)
    • A villain with superhuman strength and durability and virtually unstoppable momentum; he wears his headpiece because it deflects the thoughts and telepathic powers of his wheelchair-bound brother, implying he and Professor Xavier are related in this new timeline of the X-Men film universe like in the comics
  • Bedlam (played by Terry Crews)
    • A mutant with the ability to disrupt EM; a member of the X-Force
  • Zeitgeist (portrayed by Bill Skarsgård)
    • A mutant who can spew acid vomit; a member of the X-Force
  • Vanisher (a surprise cameo by Brad Pitt)
    • A mutant with the ability to be invisible; a member of the X-Force
  • Rusty/ Shatterstar (played by Lewis Tan)
    • An alien from another world; a member of the X-Force
  • Peter (portrayed by Rob Delaney)
    • A normal human being who decides to join X-Force after seeing an advertisement online; a beloved member of the X-Force
  • Dopinder (portrayed by Karan Soni)
    • Deadpool’s personal taxi driver
  • Colossus (played by Stefan Kapičić)
    • An X-Men with the ability to transform his whole body into organic steel; he tries to give Wade Wilson some guidance
  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead (portrayed by Brianna Hildebrand)
    • A teenage mutant in training who tags along with Colossus and Deadpool; a member of the X-Men
  • Yukio (played by Shioli Kutsuna)
    • NTW’s girlfriend and a member of the X-Men
  • Weasel (played by T.J. Miller)
    • Wilson’s best friend and owner of a bar for mercenaries
  • Black Tom Cassidy (played by Jack Kesy)
    • A mutant in the Icebox
  • Blind Al (played by Leslie Uggams)
    • Deadpool’s elderly and blind roommate
  • Alan Tudyk and Matt Damon cameo as rednecks discussing toilet paper as Cable first makes his appearance in the present.



David Leitch’s Deadpool 2 is a perfect family film for this summer, or at least that is what the eponymous character says as he compares it to Bambi, The Lion King, and Saw 7. It is the sequel that outshines its predecessor and has people wanting more. Its soundtrack consists of upbeat songs and calming tracks.

Throughout this 2-hour film, we learn a myriad of lessons. The first is that it is okay to be “fine,” or as defined in Weasel’s bar as “F—-ed up, Insecure, Needy, and Emotional.” Although most people regard Vanessa’s death as fridging, we still learn that pain exists for a reason. Without it, human beings would be nothing, and it is an intrinsic element to our living our everyday lives. As Blind Al says, “[Pain] is both a history teacher and fortune teller; [it] teaches us who we are.” Later, our title character says that all people will hit their bottom point, and he teaches us that we can improve from our mistakes and move forward from our mishaps.

This successor to the 2016 film also teaches us about selflessness. Wade Wilson goes out of his way to save the people he cares for i.e. Vanessa, Russell Collins, etc. This also ties in with the third lesson: It is okay to be angry, but such an emotion must not be taken out on oneself or others via harmful actions. Such is the case with our current events, and we should ensure that we should not let our gifts go to waste and should go towards a good cause. We must not let others’ hate towards how we look or are made prevent us from enjoying life.

Deadpool 2 is filled with some great source material to the comics and provides us with characters performed by a diverse cast that satisfy our eyes as its meta and popular culture jokes take away our mental innocence. It shows us that family is the biggest F-word that should not be overlooked. Brolin’s Cable is a splendid character, while Beetz’s Domino takes part of the spotlight during her scenes. Hopefully, the two return for an even greater performance in the upcoming X-Force film. The film also does Juggernaut some justice after the character’s horrid appearance in the previous X-Men film, The Last Stand. The character Peter takes the spotlight from Dopinder, but hopefully, we see more of our Indian taxi driver in future films. Dennison’s Russell Collins/ Firefist is outstanding as well, which proves that young actors such as himself and Dafne Keen’s Laura from Logan (2017) can be portrayed as “tough, morally flexible and young enough to carry their own franchise for ten to twelve years.”

The hilarity exhibited during the entirety of the film is what makes the essence of Deadpool 2 and its eponymous character. With Wade and Vanessa discussing what to name their child, to his argument with Domino on whether luck is a superpower, to dubstep being a supposed thriving musical genre in the near-future, to referring to orphanage staff as “armed pedophiles in nursing shoes,” to Green Lantern and Wolverine jokes, this 2018 film gives hope to future X-Men films. The film balances well between comedy (e.g. “I’ve been inside you … I’ve been inside your shoes”) and poignant (e.g. “Do you see that beautiful bright light? That’s the sun.”)

Overall, we got more than we expected, and with reports that an extended cut is on its way after its theatrical release, we hope that it only gets better from here on out. This film teaches audiences that “only best buddies execute pedophiles together” and that “millennials are hard to reach.” This serves as a great teaser for an actual X-Force film and maybe an Alpha Flight film. It also teases a way that Fox could bring its characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For its laugh-out-loud self-referential and pop culture jokes, CGI fights, tear-jerking scenes, surprise roles, and colorful cast and characters, Deadpool 2 proves itself to be an exceptional work of art as the eighth of eleven films in the X-Men universe to succeed at doing so. It deserves an 8.5 out of 10.

Easter Eggs, References, and Trivia Facts:

  • Logan’s Death
    • The beginning scene of the Deadpool 2 references the iconic yet tearful demise of Hugh Jackman’s character from last year’s spring film directed by James Mangold. In the scene, the titular character is seen winding up a music box in the form of Logan/ Wolverine impaled to tree branches.


  • Bambi, Lion King, Saw 7
    • Deadpool says that all family films start with a good murder i.e. the loss of Bambi’s loss of his mother and Simba’s loss of his father Mufasa, however, Saw 3D: The Final Chapter is a weird addition to this list if under the Family Film category.
  • Interview With The Vampire
    • Dopinder tells Deadpool that he is having difficulty looking for purpose in his life, to which Wade Wilson compares to a popular film of the mid-1990s. Weirdly enough, Brad Pitt also appears in this summer’s film, but more on that soon enough.


  • Martha
    • When coming home from a mercenary mission, Wade tells his fiancee Vanessa that he had a target whose mother is peculiarly named Martha. This is a reference to the popular climactic scene in DC’s 2016 film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which has both eponymous characters with an Earth mother whose first name is Martha. This film competed that spring with the first Deadpool film, and the joke first became prominent in the comics.
    • Deadpool makes references to the DC universe, and more details on that later.


  • James Bond
    • The opening credits of the film is a parody of that of the James Bond films. Watch any one of the franchise’s films and you will understand.
  • Frozen and “Papa, can you hear me?”
    • Whilst morning Vanessa’s death, Wade compares a popular song lyric from Disney’s overrated animated film to a lyric from a movie from the early-to-mid 1980s titled Yentl, which is performed by Barbra Streisand.
  • David Bowie
    • Over two years have passed since the iconic musician’s death, but Wade Wilson has probably lost track of time. While mourning the loss of Vanessa at Weasel’s bar, he says, “At least we still have Bowie,” unbeknownst to him that the musician has been dead for quite some time now.
  • X-Men in the room
    • While in the X-Mansion, Deadpool loudly asks Colossus where the other mutants are, unbeknownst that James McAvoy’s Professor X, Nicholas Hoult’s Beast, Evan Peters’s Quicksilver, Tye Sheridan’s Cyclops, Alexandra Shipp’s Storm, and Kodi Smit-McPhee’s Nightcrawler are in a nearby room. The door is closed silently in order to hide from him.
  • Essex Home for Mutant Rehabilitation
    • This orphanage plays a huge role in the film, but no mention or appearance of the villainous character to which it is named after, Nathaniel Essex/ Mister Sinister. He was said to appear in 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse, last year’s Logan, and next year’s The New Mutants, but there have been no confirmations to the latest addition to the X-Men universe’s future schedule.


  • Birth of the X-Men comics
    • Upon arrival at the crime scene in the Essex area, Deadpool announces the X-Men’s arrival, saying, “We’re the X-Men — dated metaphor for racism in the ’60s!” This is a reference to the conception of the X-Men comics, which focused on the common human theme of good versus evil and later, themes pertaining to prejudice and racism. In fact, Professor Xavier and Magneto were inspired by the political figures Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. This element has also been since in this year’s Black Panther with its titular character T’Challa and Erik Killmonger.


  • Justin Bieber
    • When Deadpool, Colossus, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead arrive at the Essex Home, Russell Collins/ Firefist tells them to stand back or “Justin Bieber” will get hurt. He refers to Warhead, and there need not be a picture on this review to show what this means.
  • Robocop
    • At the Essex Home, Colossus steals a line from pop cultural 1987 film and uses it on Russell; “come quietly, or there will be trouble.”


  • Superhero landing
    • After being hit by the blast of Russell’s power, Deadpool attempts to do a superhero landing, something he mentioned in the first Deadpool film.
  • Jared Kushner
    • When Deadpool realizes Russell has undergone harsh treatment at the orphanage, he asks if it is the fault of the staff, one of whom he refers to–and one that oddly resembles–Jared Kushner. There need not be a picture on this review, but just believe that such a person exists.
  • “All it takes to be a hero”
    • Deadpool steals a speech from his previous film as Colossus had with the Robocop line. Before killing an Essex guard, the eponymous character makes the “Four to Five Moments” speech in front of a live audience.
  • Sorting Hat
    • Upon entrance into the Icebox prison, Deadpool says, “I wonder what prison gang I’ll be in. Is there a sorting hat?” The Sorting Hat is a reference to the magical object in the Harry Potter franchise that assigns witches and wizards to their respective houses; Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff.


  • Terminator, redneck cameos, and Pina Colada
    • Cable enters the present from the future and encounters two rednecks (played by Alan Tudyk and Matt Damon) who are talking about toilet paper. As they have that discussion, Rupert Holmes’s “Escape” aka the Pina Colada song plays in the background. His entrance resembles that of whenever a Terminator travels to the past and steals a vehicle.
    • Later in the film, during the convoy chase scene, Deadpool tells Cable, “Hands off the kid, John Connor!” The film’s plot is similar to that of Terminator: Judgment Day–a child is protected by a badass and nearly indestructible hero as they are chased by a metallic being sent from the future, one in which the child plays a sizeable role.


  • Bucky Barnes
    • When Cable shows up at the Icebox, Wilson refers to him as a “grumpy old f— with a Winter Soldier arm.” This is a reference to the comic book character James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes, otherwise known as the Winter Soldier, who has ties with Captain America.


  • What’s the future like?
    • When Cable tells Deadpool he is from the future, Wilson asks about the future of dubstep and “What Sharknado are we on [in the future]?”
  • Brad Pitt cameo
    • The actor from David Fincher’s famous 1999 film was in talks to play Cable in the early parts of the film’s production, but this never happened. For a single cup of coffee brought by Ryan Reynolds himself, Pitt agreed to portray the role of Vanisher, a jocular character in the film with the ability to be invisible. When the character dies by electrical shock, we see Brad Pitt appear before falling to the ground.
  • Mojoworld
    • When Shatterstar auditions to be a member of the X-Force, he says he is an alien from the planet Mojoworld. In the comics, this is run by an alien tyrant named Mojo.


  • Stan Lee cameo
    • The iconic appearance of the Marvel legend in this comic book film is a graffiti artwork of him on a wall as Domino parachutes safely towards the ground.
  • Cut the bullets
    • On the convoy, Cable shoots at Deadpool. The title character tries to slice through all the bullets but finds that some have penetrated into his body. This is a direct reference to a scene from X-Men Origins: Wolverine where that timeline’s Wade Wilson does a similar feat.



  • Juggernaut
    • The 2006 version of the character was terrible, so it was decided that the character would return in this film with the past mistakes fixed. In Deadpool 2, the character is voiced and portrayed via motion-capture by Ryan Reynolds himself.


  • Colored clothing
    • In the 2016 film, Deadpool has said he wears a red costume so his enemies will not see him bleed. One of his targets has worn brown pants, to which he says was a right choice. In this film, it is revealed the Juggernaut was on the prison-transfer convoy, to which Deadpool said he wished he had worn white pants for the occasion.
  • Baby Legs
    • When Wade Wilson/ Deadpool is ripped in half by the Juggernaut, he re-grows the lower half of his body. This may not be a direct reference to anything but it does seem like a nice nod to an episode of Dan Harmon’s Rick and Morty on Cartoon Network’s nighttime program Adult Swim.


  • Time Traveler’s Wife’s Husband
    • Wade Wilson gives Cable another name. This is a reference to a 2009 movie titled The Time Traveler’s Wife.
  • Black Black Widow
    • Wilson refers to Domino as the black Black Widow, a badass female heroine in the Marvel comics and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Basic Instinct
    • Wilson–growing baby legs–is sitting next to Blind Al on her couch. When Domino, Dopinder, Weasel, and Cable are in the room, his legs make funny movements, which are a reference to the 1992 neo-noir film starring Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone.


  • Say Anything
    • On the way to the Essex Home, Deadpool tries to apologize to Colossus by playing music outside his X-Mansion bedroom. This is a direct reference to the 1989 film Say Anything. In it, John Cusack’s character Lloyd Dobler plays a song from a boombox under his love interest Diane Court’s open bedroom window.



  • Alpha Flight
    • On their way to intercept Russell and Juggernaut at the Essex Home, the roof of Dopinder’s taxi has an advertisement for a Canadian airline. This is a reference to the Canadian superhero team of the same name. They have had some run-ins with Wolverine in the comics.


  • Chimichanga
    • Deadpool makes a reference to the food comic book fans associate him with when he says, “Time to make a chimichanga!”
  • Josh Brolin’s 2018 roles
    • Deadpool tells Cable, “Zip it, Thanos!” This is a reference to another role the Cable actor has been in earlier this year. In Avengers: Infinity War, Brolin portrays the infamous villain Thanos, the Mad Titan who wields the Infinity Gauntlet.



  • Calming the strong one
    • When Deadpool fights the Juggernaut, he says, “Hey, big guy. Sun’s getting real low.” This is a reference to a line that has started in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 2015 movie Avengers: Age of Ultron and continued in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok. It was used on the green rage monster Hulk to get him to turn into his human form Bruce Banner.


  • Mary Jane
    • When Colossus fights the Juggernaut, Deadpool cheers for his Russian metal partner by saying, “Go get ’em, Tiger!” This could be a reference to a line spoken by a Marvel comics character, Mary Jane Watson, to her love interest Peter Parker/ Spider-Man. Spider-Man has strong ties with Deadpool in the comics. Could we see them side-by-side in the future if Disney gains the X-Men and Fantastic Four rights from Fox? Is this a call out?


  • Geto Boys
    • When Russell Collins/ Firefist unleashes his fiery rage at the Essex orphanage, he says, “Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta!” This is a reference to the Texas rap group, who are famous for their song titled “Damn, It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta.”
  • Gray Deadpool
    • Before leaping in front of Russell to catch Cable’s bullet, Wade Wilson lands on ashes. His costume is seen in a gray color. This is a reference to Deadpool’s X-Force costume in the comics.

gray deadpool.png

  • “Tomorrow” from Annie
    • The lovely song from the 1982 film plays in some scenes of Deadpool 2, and it touches parts of fans’ hearts.
  • Poignant Marvel death
    • Since the beginning of the film, Deadpool as told the audience that he will die. When he finally does, he says he hopes “the Academy is watching.” This is a reference to 2017’s Logan in which the titular character dies a sad and touching death. However, it did not win an Academy Award.
  • Adventure Time
    • When he attempts to die, Wade Wilson gives Domino his Adventure Time watch. Marvel movie characters have a weird thing for cartoon characters i.e. Tony Stark referring to Ebony Maw as Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants in Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and when Stark wore a Dora the Explorer watch in Iron Man 3 (2013).
  • Correcting the timelines
    • In the mid-credits, Deadpool has Cable’s time traveling device fixed. He then uses this to rectify Fox and Warner Brother’s biggest mistakes as seen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and Green Lantern (2011).


Which moment was your favorite in the film? Which one was most enjoyable for you? Which Easter Egg did you love the most? Are there any you found that were not included on the list? What did you think of the film? Let us know! For more Deadpool 2 and Fox-related news and reviews, follow Geek Motivation on Twitter (@GeekMotivation) and Instagram (@geekmotivation).

Written by: John Tangalin

Sources: Slash Film and Collider