The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part Trailer Breakdown

2014’s The Lego Movie was an unexpected hit so naturally we have a sequel coming. Even the title screams tongue and cheek;  The Second Part… for those who aren’t caught up with their Legos terminology, a “part” is what most people call the plastic bricks. I love the word play. But let’s get to the trailer.

It looks like the events of TAKOS Tuesday has left Bricksberg in ruin, the creature from planet Dulpo has destroyed everything we know and love. In other words, when Finn’s little sister comes to play with him, she has destroyed their father’s impressive layout. Now the world of the plastic has left us with a Mad Max-esque landscape. (This could leave us with some brand new unique sets on shelves… hopefully).

It looks like one of the mini-dolls from the Lego Friends line has come to cause disruption, with girl power. Part of me hopes that they don’t go down this route but it’s what is big in Hollywood  right now; strong feminist icons.

Everyone is back but with a difference; Batman, with a new improved Bat-suit that doesn’t seem to be sticker proof (this could be a joke about how many Lego fans aren’t the biggest fans of stickers in sets). Uni-kitty but she looks like she’s stuck as her angry, Hulk-like self (similar to Thor: Ragnarok). Benny, with the addition of  a robotic arm. Metal Beard, but he seems smaller. Wild-Style who seems to be going by Lucy now. And, of course, Emmett, who is still the least special Special ever. Even the Double Decker couch can be seen, peeking out, however with the addition of a cute pillow.

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You can see for yourself that the creativity, humour and flare is back in a big way. But part of me just thinks that it’s not as creative as the last one. Since then we’ve had two Lego movies. Lego Batman was great, however Ninjago was less than impressive. Regardless, I get the feeling that with this one, everything will be awesome. Unfortunately we have to wait until February to find out.

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