Time For Change: Geoff Johns Accepts New Deal

It seems there is another change in the DCEU. Geoff Johns is stepping down as the chief creative officer and Jim Lee will take his place. Mr.Johns is stepping down to sign an executive writing and producing deal with Warner Brothers.

Why is this big news? Lets talk!

It was actually expected that there was going to be some shifting. With Diane Nelson leaving her post as the head of DC Entertainment, and some other positions within the DC entertainment side changing, it was only a matter of time. These changes are functional though, as it signifies changes within the DCEU as they search for a new tone in the “post-Justice League” era of the DCEU.

Another solid thing to come out of this is Geoff Johns’ deal. A lot of people do not know, but Geoff Johns has his hands in almost every successful TV program within the DC arsenal. He was a direct consultant for The Flash, Arrow, Black Lightning and has even written episodes of Legends of Tomorrow. Not only that, but he is finally back in his realm which is writing. The argument could be made that Johns may be one of the best authors under DC’s belt right now. He understands each character on a level that a lot of other writers don’t.

Also, for one specific movie, this is amazing. Geoff Johns wrote the arguably best Green Lantern runs of all time, and if his deal involves him being attached to the Green Lantern film, we are in for a treat. As for Jim Lee, he is a high pick to replace Johns as they have been working in tandem for the last couple of years. Just like Geoff Johns, Jim Lee is an established and very well respected figure in the comic book world and is the number one pick to fill in for Geoff Johns. This is positive news for the DCEU and the future of DC Entertainment as a whole!

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