The Music is about to be Marvelous

What a Marvel! It seems that the Captain Marvel film has found its composer!Pinar Toprak has been chosen to compose and score the entire film. This is awesome, as she is the first female ever to compose a Marvel film! She announced this via an Instagram post.

Not only is she the first female to work on an MCU film, but she is the first female composer for any comic book movie! The best part about all of this is that we know her work is going to be awesome. She is very well known in the music community for winning two International Film Music Critics Association Awards for her work. Some of her previous work includes the DC TV show Krypton and even some help on the Justice League score! For all the Fortnite fans out there, she is also responsible for the composing all the music for Fortnite! As for the music itself, I expect it to have the very late 80s and 90s feel, as that is when the film takes place. All in all, the movie is great hands! For all things captain marvel and more importantly all things geek, you are in the right place here at Geek Motivation!

Akhil Modali