Black Manta May Have a Larger Role in the Future of the DCEU

Aquaman is still a couple of months out from its release, but the hype is starting to ramp up! Last July, members of the media were on set of Aquaman, and there was a lot to take in! The embargo lifts soon on the descriptions and the details of the set, but information is coming out about it!

One big piece of news everyone is interested in is what role Black Manta will play in the film. While we know the Ocean Master is the main villain of the movie, actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II spoke about Black Manta in the movie. He states that the character will have a “B” Role in the story which “Sets up his future in DC movies.” He backs that statement up though with an interesting thought saying that we find Manta “at a time where, it’s just him and his dad, and he’s riding on high, you know.”

The most interesting thought out of his multiple quotes is that he states that Manta “doesn’t want to take over the world” and that he “has a very strong moral code.” As for where he could show up, the possibilities are endless.

I like the idea of him showing up in a future teen titans movie as a way to introduce Aqualad. Another way (high speculation of course) would be to continue with the post credit scene from Justice League and have Manta part of the Injustice League in a future Justice League movie. It seems though that Mateen is about to own the character.

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Aquaman releases December 21, 2018.

Source: Collider

Akhil Modali