Birds of Prey Add Four Characters to the Roster

So this happened,, We finally have some news from the Birds of Prey DCEU production. Many people including myself thought that this was stuck in development purgatory. It seemed like no one knew for sure what was happening behind the curtain.

However it has been revealed that Margot Robbie’s Bird’s of Prey will introduce four new characters to the big screen; Black Canary, Huntress, Cassandra Cain and Renee Montoya. Now we have seen Huntress and Black Canary on Arrow but this is a different continuity as we all know so let me give you a run down of what these characters are all about.


Otherwise known as Helena Bertinelli, Huntress is a vigilante (and ex-Batgirl) working in Gotham City.

Cassandra Cain

Another vigilante (surprise, surprise) Cain is the Daughter of Lady Shiva so it’s no wonder she’s one of the DC universe’s greatest martial artists alongside Katana and the like. She was created to be a rival to Tim Drake’s Robin and became the fourth Batgirl.

Black Canary

Probably the most well known of the four, Black Canary also known as Laurel Lance she comes from a family crime fighters and her mother (Dinah Lance) appeared as the original Black Canary in the old Justice Society. Laurel also became wife to the infamous Green Arrow. Could this mean we’ll be seeing another incarnation of Oliver Queen?

Renee Montoya

I’ll admit I had to give her a Google… Renee Montoya is a detective for the GCPD. This could provide for a coll aspect of Gotham we haven’t really seen before, not from this universe at least. We could take a peak into the dirty, grimy and corrupt Gotham Police Force. It is interesting to note that she is openly lesbian. This could provide for some much needed representation in big-budget Hollywood films.

Since the success of Wonder Woman we have heard more and more about female-lead superhero movies which, in my opinion is refreshing… there’s only so many muscular white guys a man can take you know.

It’s nice to see that DC is running with their strengths.. villains, anti-heroes and vigilantes, the grimier, darker side of the DC universe needs to be shown of properly, it provides for some much needed differentiation.

If all goes well I think this could be one of the stronger releases in the franchise or even genre….. probably not.

What’s your take on it? Let us know