5 things we are looking forward to in Venom

5 things we’re looking towards in venom


Venom is fast approaching, so I am here today to break down 5 things we are looking forward to seeing in the film in October. As a heads up, these are in no particular order


Tom Hardy performance-

Is going to be interesting. We all know that this is not his first rodeo in the superhero genre, as he killed it The dark knight rises as bane. He has other spectacular roles from inception or Dunkirk. This role thought is unlike any other thought. He has to balance the Eddie Brock and the venom personality very well while at the same time keeping the tone of the film. I say this because the film revolves around his character; so it will be interesting to see how he does it! Nevertheless, we are all expecting him to kill it as both Eddie Brock and venom!



Look. You know it, I know it, Venom does not exist without Spiderman. His character stems from the Spiderman mythos, so it is only right that in some form that Venom at one point in the movie has to reference spidey, or does he? I personally do not think we are going to get a cameo from the webhead himself, but it would be pretty cool to hear hardy to name drop the web head over the phone or something along those line in a post credit scene. Who else could make a cameo? Well, I believe (as many others do) that Woody Harrelson is playing none other than Carnegie. So, what if carnage makes a bond with the other symbiotes in a post credit scene? For those who don’t know, there are a lot of symbiotes in the Marvel comics, but the 5 most popular from the life foundation are Lasher, scream, agony, and phage, with riot also being part of the squad. A fresh post credit scene could be carnage meeting up with them and assemble to go get venom. Long shot, but Sony does have a silver sable project so the post credit scene could possibly be Eddie getting a text from a mysterious number which turns out to be silver sable. All in all thought, we can not wait to see what they have in store


R rated superhero film-

If there is something that is now more than apparent than ever, it is the fact that R rated superhero movies can work! The thing that is awesome about venom is that according to the directors, it is going to earn its R rating. I’m excited to see an ultra-violent version of the character, and I think a lot of other people are as well. It is always nice to get a break from the Pg-13 rating that all other superhero movies have (except for Deadpool and logan of course). If you are into blood, guts and over the top violence I think that venom is going to fit you pretty well! Rumor has it that in the comic con trailer venom bites someone’s head off full. Now if that is not hard R rating, Idk what is!


The starting point for the sony verse-

As touched on in the cameos section, it seems that Sony is interested in starting their own cinematic universe and the venom movie is the start. Sure, they have a silver sable movie in the works but other than that Sony has not announced any projects yet. So, depending on how well venom is received, it could spark something new! Could it match with the whole grail that is the MCU or the up and coming DCEU, but we are currently looking for a third player in the entire picture so Sony could possibly strike gold with venom!


Comic Book accurate-

If there is one thing that stands out about venom, it is that his supporters are with him to are die hard. They will point out everything about anything from the comics. They are passionate and often know more about the character than most. As of one those people, it will be interesting to see where they pull from. I am expecting a little bit of lethal protect (the story that introduced the other symbiotes) and possibly maybe a bit of his agent venom run (for action purpose). Though, it will be interesting how they go about handling his ties to new york and to other superheroes. What are some things you are looking towards in the venom movie! For all things geek, you are in the right place!