GM Recommended Reading- Batman: Endgame

Batman vs Joker. It’s a tale as old as time. Ultimate good, fighting ultimate evil. Once in a while, there comes a Batman vs Joker story that stands out amongst the rest, which brings us to today’s comic of discussion, Batman: Endgame.

In this chilling Batman adventure, the Joker returns to Gotham after his long disappearance, but something about him has changed. Joker has stopped pulling his punches with Batman. His practical jokes have become more serious. He’s ready to fight with all the cards in his hand, including a brainwashed Justice League, in order to prove his final point. The mental games are over. Joker has finally decided to kill the Batman once and for all.

Once again, Greg Capullo brings his A-game to the art of Endgame. Much like Death of the Family, Capullo’s depiction of Joker is something especially creepy. You can see the excruciating amount of detail put into every feature in Joker’s face in order to make his physical stature just as terrifying as his personality. Joker isn’t the only thing in Endgame that’s detailed though. Capullo brings a Gotham City that booms with life, panel-by-panel action that clearly conveys the intense moments and some truly unsettling faces from the victims of Joker’s laughing gas.

Endgame is one of many comics that proves Scott Snyder to be one of the best Batman writers ever. He brings out elements to these characters that haven’t been fully developed. Endgame really delves into the dichotomy of Batman and Joker. It’s one thing to see Batman intimidated, but it’s a whole other thing to see the dark knight truly scared. Joker’s plans are completely out of the blue and hard to predict. It’s very intriguing to see a Joker that doesn’t hold back for the sake of some of philosophical gag. The best thing about Snyder’s writing is that he uses this story to ask a question that Batman fans have been too scared to ask. Is the Joker immortal?

So if you haven’t read this comic, pick it up as soon as you can. Batman: Endgame is a must read Batman story that changes the way we view the dark knight and the clown prince of crime.


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