Marvel finds New Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Director

After the craziness surrounding the future of Marvel’s hit Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, Marvel Studios has reached a decision regarding the franchise’s third installment. After the firing of director James Gunn a few weeks ago, the cast of the movies as well as many fans began speaking out against Disney’s actions. Some went so far as to call the decision, “hypocritical.” Despite how you may feel towards the situation, Marvel has decided to move forwards with a new director; Games Junn.


The picture above is only an artist rendition of Games Junn at a movie premiere, and not a good one at that. Below, you’ll find a much better photo of the esteemed, yet mysterious director.


Junn is known for movies like Belkin Testing (2016), Galactic Saviors (2014), and earlier movies such as Sunrise of the Deceased (2004). Each is a hit in their respective genres, although may not be well known outside of the indie community. Despite such hit films making their way into the box office, not much is known about Junn, except that he is exceptionally fond of raccoons.

Be sure to check some of Junn’s other works, and let us know what you think of his directing style! Don’t believe this is real? Follow the link to our source!


-Zach Smith


Source: TrustyRusty